Doom Patrol Merchandise?

Hey, I saw you guys recently put up “Titans” merchandise in the shoo, and I just wanted to ask if we are getting any “Doom Patrol” merchandise.

I mean, there was that episode where Mr. Nobody had a bunch of merch and I would totally buy that stuff.


Not gonna lie. I need a life size Robot Man cut out for my work space. It’s not a desire; It is in fact, a NEED.


I would love a sweatshirt that either had a stylized logo and/or all the characters on it. A hat and mug would be nice too.


Hey there, @EDT! While I don’t have any news regarding “Doom Patrol” merchandise (other than I desperately need it in my life), I did want to let you know that I’ll be moving this post over to General as Watchtower is for official news and announcements! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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The world needs DCU Doom Patrol action figures.

It needs a new Young Justice line too.

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All I need in like is a shirt with any of the weird quotes from the show so everybody that sees it will be very confused.

Insert plug making known -yet again- my desires for a Danny the Brick plushie