Doom Patrol Merchandise?

In Doom Patrol we see Eric Morden / Mr. Nobody wearing Doom Patrol merchandise as well as utilizing a Doom Patrol blanket etc. Where the heck is this merchandise? Or even a watch!? One of the features on the smart watches that ARE available is a “reminder to go on a patrol”. There should be a Doom Patrol Watch as well as general merchandise for DOOM PATROL! The watch and merchandise would sell itself, after all we know “MERCHANDISING MERCHANDISING MERCHANDISING! where the real money is made…”.

Make the merchandise that Alan Tudyk wore, make a Doom Patrol watch that can change faces and feature EACH CHARACTER (and it will remind you to go on Doom Patrols…) and furthermore make Cliff’s shirts AVAILABLE! His “Hello world” shirt was fantastic! All of these items would fly off the digital shelves! Please make season 2 of Doom Patrol as well.


Agreed I want some good merch :smile:

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“Good merch” being the operative phrase.

It takes time to get good merch out there. Be patient :slight_smile: