Doom Patrol Lifespan

So let me start with the fact that I am loving the Doom Patrol series. However is there any reason why the characters are able to live for decades and seemingly not age. The main cast have gone decades with very little aging. For example Rita looks the exact same. Then they meet the old Doom Patrol and they are noticeably older.


Peter Parker has been in his late teen to early 20s since 1963 lol Comic book Characters have a tendency to age funky. But to answer your question less jokingly and more practically, Rita’s power seem to be mystical in nature and appear to effect her DNA on a molecular level with the stretching and blobbity blob stuff going on, Cliff is a brain in a tin can, Larry has a cosmic entity inhabiting his body and Jane is…well crazy lol she has an abundance of powers and I wouldn’t be surprised if immortality isn’t one of them. I also think their ages will be some sort of plot point thats explained in a future episode. And it just generally adds to the weirdness of the show, I means that’s their whole gimmick.

I think it’s just part of the overall weirdness of the show. We know that Niles is over 100 years old. My wife thinks this is all part of some experiment by Niles or Mr. Nobody. And is all takeing place on Danny street which prevents the aging process. This also could be part of an illusion by ravens dad. I wouldn’t read too much into it just yet. After all the Doom patrol from titans is completely different from the doom patrol in this show. The only characters that are consistent are Cliff and Rita. Just try to enjoy it for what it is. Whatever it is.

I really like how they managed to cover several decades with the team.

Rita is basically silly putty, which probably explains her body not aging.
Larry’s negative spirit protects his body from extreme heat and extreme cold. So, it’s possible that it’s ‘preserving’ Larry’s body and protecting it from decay, as well.

Niles… looks like he has discovered an immortality serum.

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