Doom Patrol Impressions (Season 1 Spoilers)

Too many to count.

  1. Tie between Larry performing karaoke and when Larry met his long-lost, dying friend.
  2. The cutaway scene in Doom Patrol Patrol showing how the old Doom Patrol looked back then, and then the old Doom Patrol now.
  3. The time when Jane and Cliff beat up a Nazi hive mind to music from Dead Kennedys.


  • When Flex Mentallo flexed, everyone came.
  • “The butts are loose!”
  • Epic stare-down between the Decreator and the Recreator.
  • Giant rat and giant cockroach making out.
  • Every time Cliff dropped an F-bomb or said, “What the fuck?”. You could make a drinking game off that alone.

1.)Larry singing
2.)the three part episode showing what everyone went through while Jane was in the underground. It really gave off the vibe that the crew cares about continuity and perspective(The directing and editing was amazing in general)
3.)A giant rat telling a roach that he wanted to spread him like the plague.

Wow this is tough to pick. I loved so much of this show.

  1. Larry singing on Danny
  2. Silver Tongue killing Nazis
  3. Cliff respecting the personal nature of the underground
    IMPORTANT RUNNER UP: Silas Stone surviving. I wouldn’t have turned on the show had he died but I think it would have fundamentally altered my enjoyment.
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  1. Von Fuch’s puppet show.

  2. The original Doom Patrol scene with the balloon, pinatas, and Hot Diggity.

  3. Rita in the furnace.

  1. Larry karaoke
  2. Flex making everyone cum
  3. Admiral wiskers making out with Ezekial
  1. The Decreator and Recreator noticing each other and getting into a staring contest.

  2. “The Fucks institute?” “That’s ‘Fuchs.’” “Spell it.”

  3. Flex Mentallo

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Hi, I’ve changed a lot in the past 3 days, so I think it’s ok if I do another list

  1. Rita screaming at Cliff
  2. Jane heroically diving into the donkey hole
  3. “I’m trying to be a good person here and you’re RUINING IT FOR ME!!”

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I’m sorry, I said donkey hole

  1. Cliff saving the kids in the bus from blob Rita and the short talk after: “I wanna go home” “We can do that.”

It shows early on that cliff definitely has a good heart and Rita for all her early attitude still seeks validation. We learn early on Rita’s problem is she is only as strong as her will and at this stage her will is too built upon validation from others. Cliff quickly takes up fixing this issue showing that while he will have flaws and falter he is already ahead of where he was as a human.

  1. Larry Karaoke dream sequence: “people like–” “I dont sing”

again it is the much more subtle telling that caught me. Up to that point pretty much every time we are treated to larry introspection it has mainly been to show us he hates himself, hides his self, and generaly trips to why he keeps running so a sequence where he gets to just let loose and have fun was surprising the sequence also shows cliff hanging with a kid who thinks him being a robot is cool(which just helps with the world building that robotmen arent exactly common but not so rare that cliff doesnt always get crazy looks) the ending though snaps us back to reality with Larry still unwilling to just accept his truth.

  1. Larry saying goodbye to jon/Cliff accepting he wasnt the dad his daughter had in her life: “Hey… sleep well my friend” “thank you”

Larry finally comes to term with himself and cliff finally faces that he doesnt deserve to just ruin his daughter’s life because he feels like it especially right after her surrogate dad’s death. Both scenes play to a frank oceans moon river which perfectly bookends the episode and shows the evolution of our heroes through selfless acts of forgiveness and acceptance from themselves.

I could go on about plenty of scenes from this show if i really wanted to though

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  1. Rita re-enacting The Blob during their trip into town.

  2. Cliff and the kid’s dance-off (while Larry sings).

  3. When Larry was trying to leave and ‘Sparky’ kept causing him to miss the bus.

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Growing up, as a kid, I used to enjoy reading the Doom Patrol. I was a little excited when I heard DC made a series based on it. I thought my kids might even like it.

However, I’ve come to discover that DC has just completely ruined it.

I kept waiting for it to get better – thinking, well, maybe, just maybe, this next episode would have some redeeming qualities. I wanted to believe. I wanted to think that the episode was just some abnormality – that, perhaps, this show would eventually be suitable for my kids, too. Alas, I was constantly left disappointed, and just had to give it up – leaving it to wishful thinking.

I’m not sure if the creators of the comic book ate too many magic mushrooms as children.

Perhaps, their joints were laced with angel dust, which they smoked non-stop.

Maybe, they were wrestling, and their opponent dropped them on their heads.

Or, quite possibly, they were good friends of the Joker at Arkham – or perhaps the people on which the character was based.

Or, maybe, they are visionaries, and I’m just a dim-witted viewer who just can’t truly appreciate their artistic genius.

Any one of those scenarios might explain it – except for the last scenario, with the dizzying, bizarre plots, with each getting increasingly weirder than the next.

Of course, I should’ve known the series was amiss from the beginning – from the soft-porn overtones of the initial show.

Any thought of allowing family members to watch it were quickly dismissed. And, I’m not really sure why the need was felt to make certain that it was a show that was not family friendly, but they definitely succeeded in that goal, if nothing else.

And, from there, it just got increasingly weird - the fragmented man, the thinking city that teleports, the mule that leads to another dimension, the flying alligator – basically, mindless, senseless, drivel – stuff that makes you say, “WTF?”

It’s really quite perplexing that DC would provide for a large budget show like this – something that they’d presumably want to attract customers – and allow their script writers to do the exact opposite.

Or, who did they survey when they came up with the plot – certainly, not the public at large. Who did they ask what they thought of the show – others at DC?

The Teen Titans had hope, but they just had to toss some F-bombs in there, just to make sure that parents who had morals wouldn’t want their kids watching it. I’m not really sure who’s DC’s audience, and why they want to alienate a large segment of the population who have money to purchase their goods. That’s only a question DC can truly answer.

But, DC can do what it wants. They can make bizarre shows. They can have their shows be as twisted as they want. They can have magical, talking cities jump around the globe, and fill their shows with PDA and soft-porn at every corner. They can toss in F-bombs every other word. Who am I to judge?

Alas, all I can do is cancel my subscription when my year expires. And, given DC’s fascination with the bizarre and adult-themed TV that’s quite twisted, that is quite likely what I’ll do after my year is up.

If the goal was to waste money and make a show that few could admire, DC has succeeded in ways that only it knows.

So, DC, if your network flops, don’t blame your viewers who leave; it will be entirely your fault.

You’ve got some heavy competition coming your way – by a company (no names) that will be pursuing the exact opposite theme of your anti-family, anti-normal freakfest. That work has evidently led to several $1B movies, and some very popular TV shows.

But, hey, you don’t have to follow their lead; just do whatever the heck you want. It’s your money. Who ever said that your shows had to be a success? Perhaps, you can get people to get your service for the old shows – till they get bored.

Of course, after parents get the service for their children and catch a whiff of your “wonderful” Doom Patrol, it will be out-the-door for it. But, again, just make whatever makes you feel good; it’s funner to waste money than to make it.

And, good luck!

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DC Universe is not a service intended for children at this time. And I’d say Doom Patrol is a pretty spiritually faithful adaptation of the stuff Grant Morrison was doing with them.

Anyway, we all know the worst ever comic adaptation for TV was Inhumans.


It was rated TV-MA so it was to be expected that kids shouldn’t watch it. There’s animated shows on here that kids can watch though and also adults


The show is weird, but it’s like that because it’s inspired by Grant Morrison’s run on Doom Patrol, which was a much weirder and mature take on the series.


Also this service is intended for mature users at this time. It’s definitely not meant for children. I think I remember hearing that parental control and more kid friendly content will be added in the future, but I may not be correct.


“Anti-normal freak fest” is exactly what Doom Patrol should…


Mark is your comment supposed to be satire or are u serious?

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Also, you do realize they have a monthly subscription, right? You just sound like another troll who claims they got a year subscription and is threatening to cancel it, when really you’re just trying to stir the pot.
That you wasted so many words to say so little says a lot about you.


Classic troll-bait.