Doom Patrol Impressions (Season 1 Spoilers)

Yes, the show taps into a lot of feelings where many of us can relate.


I love doom patrol. There are 4 episodes left, then… what? How many years do we have to wait? I don’t WANT to wait. That, and teen titan… SO well done!!! How do we tell the people in control to reroute all resources to production of what we love?


I’m going to stage a sit-in in front of my TV! And I won’t give up! No matter how long it takes!


Hahaha. Yeah I’m really hoping it gets a season 2. I love this show so much. It’s my favorite show on tv.


I’m surprised I can’t find an official announcement online about a Season 2 renewal.


Were gonna have to wait until san diego comic con for the season 2 announcement

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I thought it had been confirmed for a season 2, I guess not. I could be wrong but I think part of the reason that Titans got such a fast season 2 was the intentational Netflix deal. So whether or not Doom Patrol gets a season 2 might be partially dependent on that.

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I am so so hoping for a season 2 of Doom Patrol.

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It would be a grave injustice if it doesn’t get a second season.

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Look, with 94% on Rotten Tomatoes, DCU has a monster hit on its hands, which they needed after TITANS. It conceivably could be nominated for an Emmy, for Diane Guerreo, and/or Brendan Fraser, or Best New Show.

I forsee a long run for the best &%^% show streaming. And the first season of DP is quite as good, IMHO, as the last season of GoT.

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@oldrocker99.49549 Titans was hardly a flop.

I got a fevah. And the only prescription, is more Doom Patrol!

Seriously though, if DC doesn’t cough up at least a second season, they are clearly sans clue.

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I can confirm production on Doom Patrol is done and the finale will be the 24th. As for season two, probably expect a San Diego Comic Con announcement In mid July.

Season two would likely take place after titans season 1 episode 4 while doom patrol is a prequel. This is debatable but is my theory and could focus on the new addtion of the ice woman in that episode.

AND the introduction of the Brotherhood of Dada.

Would be cool if the Ice Woman was in season 2 for sure. Wondered when it happened if she was supposed to be Ice or Icemaiden. Different origin for sure, but not the first time they changed something.

Doom Patrol has given us a lot this season. We’ve had action, heart, character development, and the incredibly weird. I want to know what everyone’s top 3 moments are from this season.

  1. Everything Rita
  2. Jane getting so mad at Flex when he flexed (Diane Guerrero’s really funny! I hope Jane gets more comedy in the future)
  3. Silver Tongue killing Von Fuchs

I could keep going forever

  1. Larry’s Danny Street karaoke (easily top pick)
  2. The pilot episode as a whole is a remarkable piece of writing
  3. The intro/cameo in Teen Titans

The entire series, but…

  1. Hammerhead knocking Cliff up the stairs to the landing
  2. Rita going 100% and telling It All.
  3. Cliff. Cliff. Cliff. Cliff. Cliff.
  4. The best fucking villain since Clarence in ROBOCOP, and I totally mean that. Alan Tudyk is aMAZing.
  5. EVERY actor, EVERY line, EVERY scene, EVERY episode, and the overall story arc, using the Holy Writ of Morrison as a jumping-off place, not as a storyboard for each episode. I mean, Mr. Nobody in the book is not exactly evil, in fact, not at all. Madcap and weird (there’s that word again), but leading the Brotherhood of Dada and furiously pedaling Albert Hoffman’s bicycle (on which the very first LSD trip happened) to psychedelicize everybody. Hell, DANNY likes him a lot, because the Brotherhood “could put a smile on anyone’s eek.” To have the character reboot himself into more of an annoyance to an evil villain would keep things light between Dorthy and the Candlemaker (shudder).
  6. I could go on. This is the best new show on streaming, period. Emmys for writing, directing, cinemaphotography, ACTING (I love Tudyk and Diane Guerrero, and have called them out, but every damn actor on this show turns in 100% in each performance), and for utter strangeness.

Mine would have to be

  1. Larry singing on Danny the street
  2. Cliff beating the $&!@ out of Nazis
  3. Flex flexing on everyone on Danny the Street.
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