Doom Patrol Impressions (Season 1 Spoilers)

Wow. After that new trailer I’m really excited to see what happens in this show starting tomorrow. The new trailer really impressed me and got me hyped. What do you guys think?

Here is the link to the trailer for anyone that needs it:


Can’t remember ever seeing Timothy Dalton it’s kind of a hero / crazy person but after seeing human Doctor Who him on Doctor Who is a villain this should be a villain this should be interesting

Dalton was terrific as a villian on Chuck. He played Alexei Volkoff

Check out Dalton as James Bond, the villain in rocketeer and role in Penny Dreadful for more examples of his brilliance

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They’re awesome

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Officially hyped for the Doom Patrol series now.


In viewing this episode, I have a lot to say, but I’m going to be mindful of spoilers. 1) Best iteration of Gar Logan ever! I’m old school (Wolfman and Perez) and could never stand Gar or his personality due to Wolfman’s dialogue. In this series, I love it! 2) DOOM PATROL- I’m ready! 3) This episode was emotional and funny. I loved it! That’s the best I can do without spoiling it.

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Anyone else interested in an EXTREME episode of the show following the lives of Doom Force?

Yes please

ever since I first saw the Doom patrol in DC’s Titans I’ve been really pumped for this new TV series that’s coming out this Friday I just want to know who out there in the DC universe is also pumped


I’m so excited!!!

It’ll be here tomorrow! I’m super excited!

I’m gonna scoot this over to TV & Film where you can get the proper appreciation for this thread.

I just saw the new Doom Patrol trailer and I must say this looks like the show that could add subscribers to the DCU.


Let the weirdness begin!

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what time is it being released today?

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It’s out now. Released 9am est/6am pst

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Just finished watching episode 1, and it was great!


I want to pass along congratulations on the epic success of Doom Patrol. I haven’t been this excited about DC shows …well since Smallville was our lone representation.
Particular kudos to the team the developed Cliff Steele’s story and the Burch lean feat of developing the necessary skills to adapt to his new life and body.
The team didn’t have to show that much of his development into RobotMan emphasis on the particularly grueling physical demands of simply walking one step off the ground.
For anyone who has ever injured a leg or such, thAt scene should be very familiar. To those of us in the Disabled community we saw it as our daily mirror.
It spoke to me and I hope that I’m not the only one to thank you from my heart.
I saw a kinship in Cliff in that I feel often more mechanized than flesh. I have to use forearm crutches which has made me essentially more Beast Boy than RobotMan but you see where I’m heading. I have such gratitude for the writers the development group, producers, directors, crew and cast with emphasis on Brendan Fraser and Riley Shanahan and the stunt team that assists.
Your are all giving representation to a group that is easily overlooked and by inserting Cliff’s story including his moments of desperation for a life that can never be, it helped to heal a little of what I hold inside and almost never see in the light of day let alone on a big budget production that is also very very cool weird and plain ass funky!
After all, even tho our bodies may be broken:
“The mind is the limit”
and mine is very thankful to you all.


This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing.