Doom Patrol Final Episodes

Now that sadly the final episodes of Doom Patrol are almost here, what was the moment that made you say “I’m sticking with this show forever”?


Season 1 Episode 8 - Danny Patrol. The scene with Larry doing karaoke but then showing it was all in his head was such a powerful way to show that even when people want to get better, they feel sruck and unable to actually move forward. Heartbreaking but an honest way to show that getting better is a long process that needs to be worked on every day.

The following episode Jane Patrol also did some really powerful stuff with both Jane and Cliff


For me, it was the very first episode. Something just clicked to where I just wanted to continue watching the show’s entire run.


Definitely agree. This episode was super important; I found that a lot of Larry-focused episodes tended to be my faves.

I think I was sold for the series right off the bat, just given the cast. It was my intro to DP as a whole and I quickly grew really attached to the series!