Doom Patrol Episodes 1 & 2 (So far DC Universe DOES NOT MISS)

Mild Spoilers Included.
You have been warned.

Before I speak about the show let me say that I like original series. I like NETFLIX shows. I like HBO shows. I like Showtime shows. I like Power on Starz. Power on Stars really is not comparable here BUT I would say that so far DC Universe is definitely ready to be in the same class as premium cable’s fantasy programming. Easily. It already beats most of the fantasy programming basic cable and broadcast TV have to offer. So far, so good. Now, about the show.

So, I watched half of the Room Patrol Pilot and cut it off when the bus parked in town on premiere day because I don’t like cliff hangers and I figured one was coming. I was right. Today I watched the rest of the pilot and all of episode 2. This show is good so far. Cyborg is f’kin awesome! The words in the air not only worked but were a nice touch. Good way to adapt an old DC thing. Also, this is 1 time I have to completely agree with the DC Daily description. This is weird and it is a good wierd.

Anybody wanna tell me why the roach was making a passionate speech though? :laughing:


Auto correct typo. Obviously room patrol should be Doom Patrol.

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I am crying.
That roach had me so gone.
I’m still waiting for why he was even important enough to have a picture inside of donkey world.


Having been delighted by the passionate speech of that roach, I did a little research and found somewhat of an explanation, from an article on

“While the character of Ezekiel the Cockroach certainly seems strange enough to have come from a Grant Morrison comic, he’s a wholly original creation of Doom Patrol’s showrunner Jeremy Carver, who was also a producer on Supernatural and Being Human. In an interview with Collider, Carver revealed that he had tried working the idea of a doomsday prophet cockroach into other shows he had written in the past but always been shut down by the other producers. One wonders, in retrospect, how the Winchester brothers might have reacted to an insectoid evangelical prophet, but that’s all water under the bridge now unless there’s a Doom Patrol/Supermatural crossover in the future.”

All hail our prophet Ezekiel!


@texasblaque.16430, I too am not fond of cliffhangers, but isn’t stopping a show short of the cliff hanger just making you deal with two cliff hangers? At least the second cliff hanger is a short ordeal, if the next episode is now available, but you still end up with a week long wait from where you paused the show.


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Lol. I don’t know if it would have fit in Supernatural more than 1 or 2 times but it works here. Dean’s reaction would have been a moment though. Since I say it too I feel comfortable thinking he would have said “Seriously?”. Carver Edlund is a producer here too, huh? Cool. So “how rich do you want to be?” I swear if Cyborg is not permanent than he needs to bounce around and pop up all over. That was good. Robot man is really growing on me. The narrator is …you know. Hm. Interesting. Kind of surprising too. The 4th wall break. It almost makes me glad that my reader was giving to many problems to use. If I had been tempted to pre-read some Doom Patrol then the villian couldn’t have surprised me as much.

What I said goes for Titans too by the way

DC Universe shows seem more in line with NETFLIX shows than cable but still It’s really good. I guess that’s I heard that Netflix has picked up season one of Titans.

Also I don’t know why it happened and I hope it’s nothing unfortunate but I think the casting change of Dr. Nile is an upgrade. I like this proformance better than the guy who played the doctor on the Titans episode.

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Nah. It’s still 1 cliff hanger and it’s on my terms. I picked the stopping point then when I pick it up the next episode us there so I can follow it up immediately. I didn’t say I stopped it and came back before episode 2 premiered. I went straight from then end of the pilot to donkey patrol.

This reply and my last one before this one were to @macjr
Also it wasn’t meant to come across in any hostile or rudely. Just in case it sounded that was

When we were kids, we were told that in the event of a nuclear war, cockroaches would be the only survivors due to their ability to withstand radiation.

So during the chaos where it looks like the world is ending, Ezekiel the roach is welcoming the end of times and his imminent ascension as master of Earth. Doesn’t quire work out though.

I wonder if he’ll continue to pop up here and there. Would be a great running gag.


The Roach was giving an impassioned speech… because he was born again of course. And let’s face it… Roaches have survived unchanged since the days of the dinosaurs, clearly god loved them. He clearly took one look at this and said, “this is it… I have created the perfect species… nothing need be changed.”

Incidentally I find it hilarious he achieved some kind of career goal by finally getting an evangelical cockroach.