Doom Patrol Ep. #6 Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

Welcome to Doom Patrol: Episode 6 discussion thread, where you can speak your blown mind freely!

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Tell us everything! Your thrills, your chills, your “what-the-f**ks? !” (To quote a good friend of ours…)


This episode had a weird sort of feel to it for me, not normal “Doom Patrol” esque kind of weird, but it played out more like a mystery. I liked it, and finding out that the “school” was just an illusion at the end tied up the loose ends that were pulling at my brain. Loved getting some more of Rita’s backstory. Vic and Cliff’s interaction was good, I’d wondered how they would get along. I hope Vic’s dad is trustworthy, knowing we couldn’t trust anyone in Titans, lol. Seems legit so far. Larry finally might be getting used to the Negative Spirit, or warming up to the idea of having it as a partner. And poor Jane, I just hope some kind of healing is coming about her past. I have a feeling that it’s gonna get worse before it gets better with these flashbacks.


Another great episode! The Animal Vegetable Mineral Man cameo had me laughing out loud. Such a unique and amazing show.



Thank you Mr Nobody :innocent: :candy:


Don’t know what it is… But haven’t enjoy the last 2 episodes. Starting to lose interest in having this subscription. They need to have a episodic live action DC show for every single weekday. Stargirl on Monday, Swamp Thing on Tuesday, Justice League Beyond on Wenesday, Titans on Thursday, Doom Patrol on Friday. Then switch to mini series during hiatus… 1st up live action Freedom Fighters The Ray & Star City 2046 (Oliver dies & John Diggle Jr Green Arrow puts new team together). DC say it with me… Yes We Can!


I think it would be fun to have like a small mini series of the animal vegatable mineral man getting into other hilarious hijinks all leading to when one of his schemes finally works out an action packed showdown with the team which can be an actual episode of doom patrol or something but that’s just an opinion and fun thought I had


This episode cuts deep! Damn…


This was a great episode, although so far they all have been. I loved Cyborg and Robotman’s interactions. When I first heard Cyborg was going to be on the show I was thinking that seems counter productive as in a lot of ways their characters were similar. But this show has made it work with their rivalry.

Great character development for Rita here, looking forward to learning more of her backstory.

Larry also had some great moments. He has become my favorite character, such an interesting past and great performance by the actor and the suit actor when he is bandaged up.

And the Animal Mineral Vegetable Man cameo was hilarious. Some much needed levity in a more serious episode then usual. Speaking of which it was just chilling to think that The Cheif clearly has every intention to eventually just lock Jane up in a cell when she gets too hard to handle. Some cold blooded stuff right there.

I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get an explenation for why the Doom Patrol didn’t age. I was sure given Rita was not taken aback by no one being older then when she knew them that an explanation for why none of the main cast has aged was forthcoming. But so far no luck. But it was a minor complaints, other then that this was a great episode.


I was pretty disappointed that we were left hanging again, in regard to the whole timeline thing.
I was sure this would be the episode!
But they sure keep pokin’ at the idea! I can’t wait to see what the explanation is.

It must be a juicy one…!

So who is the doctor in the illusion school suppose to be?


Amazing episode. The fact they created this show on the budget they have is a game changer. This episode reminds me of the Watchman film.


This was a hard hitting wonderful episode, I really enjoy seeing the slow reveal to the full Cyborg suit. The suit looks slick so far, can’t wait to see the whole thing.
I really enjoy learning more about the past of each member of the doom patrol, this show is easily Top 5 for me


At the beginning of the episode I wondered why the original Doom Patrol members were still young? But, by the end it cleared it up. And, also I think the current members’ age is something we need to look into. Rita might still be young because of her shape adjusting ability or whatever it’s called. Robot Man is just a brain, so, nothing to worry about. Larry’s age may be effected by the thing inside him. And, Cyborg and Jane are just young.

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The angry barrage of negative demeaning speak from Crazy Jane and Robot Man has finally worn me down. I got to take a break from this.

It’s me it’s not you

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Love this show


I am shocked how much I love this show. Each episode gets better than the one before. They have found a balance of blending back story and origin stories along with the Mr. Nobody season through line. The character development is effortless and makes you fully invested in each members arc. It blends the absurd, with comedy and drama and action effortlessly. the acting is spot on, when you can’t tell that Matt Bomer and Brendan Fraser are not in the suits giving these vocal performance and you actually feel that they are in those suits performing with the other actors, that is a true achievement. If Titans and Doom Patrol are the quality of shows DC Universe will be putting out and you are not a subscriber then I feel truly sorry for you. The worst part will be picking which is my favorite series of the year.


This episode was absolutely amazing (they have all been so far)! I love the little bit of backstory they are giving us for Rita while also giving us some more information on the other members at the same time. This episode definitely has me asking a lot of questions!

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Such a good show. Happy to see the Chief being portrayed closer to Morrison’s character. Rita’s flashback was done so well- I was sure she was going to walk out of the producers office. The whole theme of victims and predators, tied in with Chief’s callousness being exposed worked so well.


Loved the episode, the song at the end was perfect


Similar to other comments, I am also loving the Doom Patrol shows. Very well done DC. May also check out the Doom Patrol comics on here.