Doom Patrol Ep. #5 "Paw Patrol" Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

Feeling a little,… out of it? Maybe a little unbalanced? Chances are, you’ve just seen the latest episode of Doom Patrol, “Paw Patrol”! Welcome to your safe space to discuss all your thoughts, theories, and reactions with fellow fans.

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Tell us everything in the comments below! Your thrills, your chills, your “what-the-f**ks? !” (To quote a good friend of ours…)


Very good episode. I was quite pleased to see Niles and Mr. Nobody return to prominence as featured players.

I love Nobody’s narration. If the super villain thing bottoms out for him, he’s got great careers in the audio book and nature documentary narration fields to fall back on. “Oh, that goat is toast! Punk deserved it.” for example :slight_smile:

Speaking of “What the f***?!”, I can see a t-shirt with a headshot of Cliff saying that becoming quite the popular item…


Excellent episode. I’m particularly enjoying the way that there’s no real attempt to wrap up all of the loose ends in a bow, as you’d get in most genre shows. Clearly the writers expect more of their audience - mainly that with stories this absurd, how much resolution can you really expect?


I really felt for Jane in this one, I wanted to jump through the screen and f- up those guards and doctor. She is such a great actress. I hope she wins an award for this role.


Ezekiel the cockroach is back! I made a :smiley: face when I saw him. Surviving the apocalypse like only roaches can, huzzah!


How does the people in the doom patrol stay the same age


Alan Tudyk and Timothy Dalton are amazing! Love flashbacks!


I’m 10 mins into episode love this show every week better and better

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Loved it, and Robotman’s “what the f*ck!?” moments are easily some of my favorite moments lol. I hope later in the series they start to bring in more of the Brotherhood, like Madame Rouge or General Immortus would be good too, It would be really cool to see Beast Boy too, I’m sure he’ll at least make a cameo at some point, just hope its before seasons end.


Next week: Mento!



“What the fuck is Doom Patrol?” LOL such a good episode. Also, next episode title is great.


I’m ready for the brotherhood of dada


Mento coming up!!

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Is anyone else thrown off by the timeline and inferred ages of all the characters? In today’s episode we see Crazy Jane moshing in 1977, which would make her at least in her fifties today. And Rita has been hanging around the mansion since the nineteen fifties, Larry since the sixties and Cliff since the eighties. (At least Cliff has the excuse of being nothing but a living brain for most of that time.) How old is Chief, a hundred?!? Lol don’t get me wrong, I love the show and maybe the illogical timeline is intentional or just there to add to the zaniness (because I can’t imagine it was simply overlooked) and maybe we’ll get an explanation in a future episode.


My theory is since Doom Manor is located on/in Danny The Street, Danny just doesn’t let them age.


Mind blown with the Danny yhr street bit.


Pretty sure that Elliot was about to ask Rita for sex just before he was decreated. :rofl:


1.5 hr after live watchalong the meaning of “Paw Patrol” finally dawns on me…and I do so think pug dogs are so full of personality!!!

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The incongruent time elements are wayy too pointed to not be intentional. I’m super interested to hear what’s behind all of the time jumping.

What I didn’t understand though (which could be due to missing something…) was the episode ended with Chief breaking “Dr. Harrison” out.

That’s when they first met…right?
So, did the whole cult thing happen after that?

Did she create the cult, then get broken out, and the cult was just waiting around for the DeCreator so they could put their ReCreator plan into action…? :thinking:


Love the DTS theory!

Wait i missed a DTS refrence? Where was it? Also loved the episode and the trailers for the coming weeks episodes are always so freakin fun.