Doom Patrol Ep. #15 😭"Ezekial Patrol” Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

The ending was funny as hell, and I’m with everyone else on the whole Silas using the word “delicious” being creepy. Not to mention, the fact Niles engineered everything that happened to them was REALLY messed up. One thing though… In at least a century, Niles hasn’t aged. He looked the same when he was with that Neanderthal woman as he does now, age wise. So why the hell was he doing those experiments decades later?! What is he talking about, trying to gain immortality?!


Everyone else:
Doom Patrol: “Let’s end our season with a giant rat making out with a giant cockroach, a drunk Alan Tudyk watching some dude who eats beard hair sing a karaoke interpretation of Chumbawumba, and copious amounts of vore.”


Why did Silas describe Vic as delicious???

Did Niles succeed in halting aging?


I forgot about Chumbawumba.


Chumbawumba of all bands.


And that song, too, was quite appropriate for Danny, an eternal optimist no matter what.

I have just finished watching the BEST NEW STREAMING SHOW, period.

This show is utterly incredible (literally), gorgeously written, impeccably acted, and seriously, seriously weird.

I cannot praise this series highly enough. If DC doesn’t renew this massive critical hit, and I mean this, I will cancel my subscription.


Rita almost never uses her powers. I thought she was going to turn into a giant at the end. Larry is the best.


Nice satisfying ending !

if they ever want to do the series some more they have every opportunity.

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I won’t lie, I didn’t like this episode as much as some of the more recent ones, but that is just because I set the bar so high. It was still a good and enjoyable episode and the show quality wise is one of the most consistently good shows ever.

I liked the flashbacks and the scenes of the Doom Patrol trying to adapt to life after Niles. And seeing Eziekel and Mr. Whiskers back was a treat, the final scene with them… only in Doom Patrol could they do that. I will say the CGI especially near the end was pretty clearly fake, but it was so well done otherwise I could look past it.

I like we finally got a full explenation on no one aging, mostly… I get that Cliff, Rita and Larry were not aging due to their circumstances, that was explained earlier. But not clear on how Jane didn’t age, I guess whatever they stuck her with in the experiment but why did she have to have multiple personalities? Not the best explenation but I can go with it.

I know Danny becoming a brick was from the comics, but sorry to see Danny is no longer a street. The ending was good, it obviously left something of a cliffhanger, but if Doom Patrol doesn’t get a season 2 (and I really hope it does) that is a satisfying-ish conclusion.

A great ride and sorry Doom Patrol is over. I wait impatiently for news of a season 2 but either way I am so glad they did this show, it is the best TV I have seen in I don’t know when. And looking forward to Swamp Thing. For all it’s production problems DCU is batting 1000 so far, can only expect good things for Swamp Thing with that momentum going in.


loved all the call backs, loved Mr nobody getting drunk and being non committal to destroying the world. Great way to diffuse a battle with a character of those powers, hard to write it, fighting wise. This was brilliant and i’m so beyond thankful for this show. Can’t wait for season 2! let’s hope the next shows keep kicking ass from episode one till the finale just like Doom Patrol!


We thought it was a great episode (we being me, a longtime Doom Patrol fan, and my wife, who knew nothing about the characters before watching this show). During the rat/roach kissing scene, my wife turned to me and said, “Why do I bother to think that the show can’t get any weirder any more? It always does.”

Bring on season two of our favorite show on television!


I need more Doom Patrol. Bring on Season two!


Surprisingly good ending to this season (even though I still believe it should have been shorter - or maybe 2 arcs of 8-7 episodes), and full of comic book references WITHOUT being stuck into the “do a Morrison storyline but worse". One of the best things about this episode in particular is that it wasn’t as depressing as some of the mid-season ones, which often seemed to go on forever on how miserable all characters were. Doom Patrol was never about misery, it is about fate and the offside of perfectness, and the absurdist humor was finally back in the last two episodes, as it should be.
I was also intrigued why Keith Giffen was NOT mentioned in the Preview Thank-you Credits, since a lot of his concepts from his run do appear here (Danny The Brick, immortality, and most of all, Rita’s personality). Even Kupperberg got his due!
This is the kind of show DC should always aim at. This is the kind of property that no other comic book company has. Hopefully in Season 2 we will have Ambush Bug and Danny The Island join the crew.
Oh, and I love April Bowlby. What an actress.


I absolutely loved Doom Patrol and the season finally was perfect! Please make seasons 2 to 10.


I didn’t think I would have liked Doom Patrol but I was pleasantly surprised by the entire season. And thus the true purpose of DC Universe is revealed: to make series like this that they couldn’t get away with anywhere else.


Living in a not so luxurious studio apartment I’ve seen a fair share of Ezekiels and Admiral whiskers, who were all met with disgust. But now having the very vivid imagery of the two very nearly going to pound town… sleep is not an option.


This show was amazing, and its finale was much better at tying up the season than Titans(Which wasnt bad just meh). It has given me alot of hope for the other programming. Cant wait for an even more wild and weird season 2, packed full of Robotmans WTF moments. In the mean time I might just have to read the Comics.


Was never a fan of the Doom Patrol comics, but now I’m afraid that the comics will pale in comparison to this amazing series. Well done everyone, from the writers to the actors to the special effects people. I never knew where this show was going to go next and it kept me coming back week after week – a rarity on both television and streaming services these days! I agree with everyone else: bring on Season 2!


I didn’t know what to expect when I first started watching the show it had been a long time since I had thought Brendan Fraser was a tour de Force in fact it all kind of went downhill for him ever since that Looney tunes movie. who would have thought that in 2019 I’d be saying he was my favorite f****** character on one of the most god damned amazing shows ever to be produced!! The show was literally everything I love in entertainment completely wacky, zaney, out there, meta physical, deep, dark, hilarious this might even be my most favorite show of all time. I’m not saying that as a DC fan boy. literally from the first episode it just blew me away I don’t tend to threaten any kind of violence or destruction but if they don’t get a second season I will literally f****** riot!!! I love all these characters but especially Cliff, Brendan Frazier was so amazing and nailed it so great! Where else are you going to see a robot man climb his way out of a rat and into a cockroach while they make out 40 ft above a scentient Street that can teleport anywhere in the world?


@S.Davis couldn’t agree with you more!

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