Doom Patrol Ep. #15 😭"Ezekial Patrol” Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

The time has come to look Doom Patrol square in its robotic, stretchy, puzzle-y, bandaged, maybe bearded face and say…
“Thank you.”

With Ezekial Patrol marking the final episode of this wild series that challenged the definition of entertainment, it’s time for us to speak our blown minds freely about the choices made to wrap up the season.

Spoilers welcome!

So let us know your thoughts, reactions, and what you want to see from Season 2 (hope hope) in the comments below!


This was an excellent season. I really hope to see another one. Never missed an episode and that is rare for me. Thanks DC!


It was cool.


Thank you so much DC!! Such a wonderful series not one bad episode. Please find a way for Timothy Dalton to make it up to the team. We need a season where they are all together like in mr nobody’s robot montage. Love the cast!!!


I didn’t love the finale and was kinda let down. BUT it had some deep emotional moments and felt like an ending. cough cough titans.


A bizarre, random and somewhat unsatisfying/cliffhanger ending, but this show can get away with all that. I’m hopeful my season 2 happens now.


And here I thought I would go my entire life without seeing a cockroach get it on with a rat.
I guess I’ve seen it all.


“I’m gonna spread you like the plague, Daddy!”

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard at a superhero series. :joy::joy::joy:


Finally Dorothy Spinner appears


Doom Patrol is honestly one of the best adaptations DC has done ever in my opinion. Completely faithful to it’s comic origins and paying homage to every era of Doom Patrol history alongside making some of the most complicated characters in comics like Flex Mentallo and Animal Vegetable Mineral Man work in live action format. Added bonus the show is completely hilarious and heartfelt when needed. Props to all who worked on this master class of a show. I’m praying for a season 2 with even more insanity and hopefully more Mr. Nobody and even The Brain and Mallah if possible.


But why did Silas Stone decide to describe his own son as “Delicious”?


I can’t believe they actually did a similar story to “The Painting That Ate Paris”! It’s my favorite story from them and it was amazing to see that on screen. Once I saw the painting I yelled “it’s the painting that age Paris!” Alan Tudyk is the man too! This was the best recap…”cue the recap!”


Loved it. But I’m not clear on what happened to Danny. Hope they survived!


@austincoleperformances lmao yeah, my ears did a double take

@BOZEA Danny survived as the brick!

Like @aryaamir said, it was a little unsatisfying. The stakes and resolution felt no higher than in the average episode. Good episode, but unsatisfying finale. But I’m glad the actor who plays Silas got a big moment, and Jane got to lead again. But I’m 100% on Admiral Whiskers’s side!


Silas Stone describing his son as delicious is a little creepy to me


@biff_pow Thanks! I didn’t make that connection.


I just finished watching the finale and it was awesome! The making out scene between Ezekial and Admiral Whiskers had me saying “WTF?!” so many times. I love this show so much and I hope that it gets a second season!

Yeah, I was weirded out how Silas described his son, especially when he said “delicious”


Really great finale, so so strange and all over the place. Ezekial and Mr.Whiskers was hilarious, so of the historical flashbacks were crazy emotional and finally learning about the elephant in the room (All of them seemingly being immortal) was fantastic.

The only stuff that felt off was probably

  1. Silas descriving Vic as delicious
  2. CGI at the very end was not so good
  3. Seeing Rita as a teacher felt completely unnecessary and like a waste of time.

I thought everyone having an orgasm in the last episode was the weirdest thing this show would do. But then they had giant Eziekial and giant Admiral Whislers making out.


Very much enjoyed all of Season One including the finale. Watching the series has led me to rereading the 90’s comics online. Here’s hoping that Season Two gets greenlit and they explore even deeper into Grant Morrison inspired strangeness.

Kinda was hoping that Rita would finally go giant size like the 60’s comics for the finale. In a 50’s movies metaphor, I think of her persona arc going from “The Blob”(unstructured and uncertain) to “Attack of the 50 foot Woman”(in control and formidable). She dismounted very gracefully off of her scooter in the finale, as well.