Doom Patrol Ep. #11 “Frances Patrol” Discussion Thread: Spoiler Zone! 🚨

That was a beautiful episode . This show gives me something to look forward to every week . I’ve fallen in love with the whole cast and I’m sad that the seasons almost over because we’ll have to wait till next February for season 2 ! I hope Swamp Thing and Titans season 2 and Stargirl are as wonderfully made as Doom Patrol . Thank you to everyone who works on the show , you’ve truly crafted something special and endearing .


I have to agree with all of the previous comments. I do admit, though, that some of the scenes between Larry and John make me a little uncomfortable. I am not gay, and I have some trouble empathizing with gay lifestyle and emotional entanglements. However, I’m not against it, just uncomfortable with it. Before you lob on the hate, it’s not a commentary on the gay lifestyle. It’s a comment on me. I was raised in an era where it was forbidden territory. Getting used to the new ideas of the more informed age isn’t easy. I’m 62, and change is hard. But not impossible.

I have felt that there are many ways to handle this change in the attitudes of society, and Doom Patrol is doing a good job with it. You don’t make it a flamboyant statement, an in your face statement, but you do portray it with feeling and wit. This sort of story line allows me to bury some of my discomfort in appreciation for the characters and the way they are written. As a younger person, I never would have been able to accept Larry Trainor as a gay man. Now, well, not only can I accept it, I can enjoy it and understand it and work with it.

Just have to rid myself of the niggling little baggage from my past.

In any event, the entire series has been very good. I recently started showing it to my 14 year old nephew, and not only did I notice some foreshadowing that I had previously missed, but I was able to talk to him about the relationships with the characters and I think he learned a lot from it. He considers the series bizarre to a maximum level, but he also enjoyed it greatly. Parents need to watch this with their kids and explain a bit about the more adult issues covered. Going to be interesting when I get to the Danny the Street episode, and the Larry Patrol episode with open a lot of discussion points, some I will have to punt off to his father. Sigh.

In general, though, great episode and great series over all. One of the best on TV, easily comparable to the best the networks have, and the best the cable channels have. I only wish it were available to a wider audience. I keep trying to get people to subscribe, but there is reluctance, due to a perception that they will not get their money’s worth, and the proliferation of streaming services. Maybe you should make some deals with some of the cable channels to carry these shows as reruns. It would have to be a premium channel like HBO, but it certainly would, I think, be fairly lucrative for older content. New content should remain on DCU.


I would not dream of letting my children watch this.

I really wish I hadn’t paid a year in advance to receive such poorly written trash.

After hanging out in a bar all episode with his daddy issues, now robo-dude is going to wrestle a flying alligator? WTF?

Seems on par with other lame episodes, like their talk-a-thons at the house, and the adept mouse messing with Cliff’s circuitry.

And, OK, mummy-man is gay. So what? Why does every episode need to have some sort of public display of affection centered on that?

Would writers do that for a heterosexual couple?

And, I really wouldn’t care to watch that, either (as in the soft porn in the early episode, which was equally lame).

And that whole disappearing town makes me question how much LSD was consumed by the writers?

Really, I’d be embarrassed to release these episodes.

DC can do anything it wants, but right now, I’ve seen nothing worth renewing when it comes to Doom Patrol. Sad.

Awesome show!


@markscd.7707 DC is supposed to be fantasy mixed in with humanity. That’s why people that are both new and old to the genre like it. I’m new to it, and I really like it. Guess ya can’t please everyone.


My favorite show!



Writers have done the same for heterosexual characters for a long time. Most recent example would be john wick. This isnt a new story telling technique it is just now being fairly applied to gay relationships as much as it has been used for heterosexual ones


I’m very pleased with the subscription keep up the work and please bring the app to Playstation so I can leave the chromecast behind.

The app has plenty for kids, cry me a river the Original shows are for adults


I am very happy with my sub and I will stand by my comments above. I have seen and read bad fiction involving gay relationships, and this series does do a good job. Almost every TV episode with Hetero characters includes some sort of romance in every episode, up to and including soft core porn. Why not allow gay couples the same story telling techniques.

I feel that not everyone will get every series. I also get that not every series will have something for every viewer. I wonder, though, if this isn’t a trolling reply? I comment positively, and the very next post attacks my post with the exact opposite reaction? Seems suspect.

Still, read all the rest of the posts, and I agree with them. Just not the negative nelly post.


Somehow since Cliff was Visiting a Swamp this Episode I wanted Swamp Thing to make an Appearance to Precede the Swamp Thing Series like Doom Patrol made an Appearance in Titans.


Doom Patrol is by far the best DC program I NEVER knew I NEEDED.


appreciate your thoughtful expressions, @beggly; a positive imprint never goes unnoticed here


The use of the frank ocean cover was great, episode was also partially filmed in my grandmas neighborhood.

As someone who has read poorly done characters turned gay just to turn gay(example iceman not bashing marvel just that run.) I must say it doesn’t feel like they re having him be a token gay character it feels real and humanize him which with that character needed otherwise he would feel to out there( though that is how grant Morrison writes.) Doom patrol is one of the few great shows on here. Though they are sourly lacking good shows. I know, I know they just started doing this but yea. This show been great so far, much better than the titans series has been and this has redeemed this app. But I don’t know if they don’t get more great content like this if I will be sticking around.


I for one am glad (this episode) that they shifted focus (somewhat) back to the other characters. Negative man (the portion of the character that is human) is a great character but he deserves to be explored from other angles (We all know of his sexuality). A peak into his convictions and those of his powerful alter ego would be a change for the better. Rita, Robot man, and Cyborg have suffered through a lack of character development. This episode was a foot in the right direction towards closure for Robot man and highlights what Rita can bring to the group (especially if the writers want to keep her away from the awesome powers she displayed in the comics).

Well spread butter on my backside and call me a biscuit! I was not expecting this show to be one of my favorite shows for this year. Each character in the doom patrol are growing on me, even cyborg which I had a lot of issues in the beginning. it looks like he is going to have a very interesting story arc next episode with “cyborg patrol” title. I love robotman’s story finding himself through his daughter and goddamn the writer in this show deserve’s an emmy. the story that robotman’s daughter was telling really touched my heart. and we can’t forget Larry’s arc with John! you can feel Larry’s each freaking emotion in it, and feel the true love between the two characters. Thanks DC universe for this amazing show and please keep on going. also love Rita and Jane as well. Rita is hilariously brilliant and Jane is becoming a team player finally!!