Doom Patrol Club

What do y’all think of the DP book that ran from 2009 to 2011?


Also - if you could have one former member come back in comics to reunite with the Doom Patrol, who would it be? I would pick Rhea - it would be awesome to see what happened to her


I want Beast Boy back in the Doom Patrol. For me he belongs more with DP than the Titans.

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I grew up with the first animated Teen Titans show, so I admittedly associate BB more with them


Haven’t read it yet.

I’d like to see Dorothy come back. :+1:


I mean…she technically came back in UDP. Or at least, her body is there :grimacing:


LAST TIME on Unstoppable Doom Patrol!

A training exercise between the DP and their new recruits gets interrupted as the new Bortherhood of Evil invades their HQ! The enemy’s secret weapon is the woman known as The Quiz - she possesses all the powers you’ve never heard of!

However, as bad as things are at base, it turns out that isn’t the worst of it. Kipling confirms that several other enemies have disabled the magical safeguards at another location, which is where their real plan will take place. Cliff, Kipling and Niles arrive at the graveyard to see General Immortus perform a magical ceremony that involves the corpse…of Dorothy Spinner! While they engage in a brief firefight with Immortus’s allies, the ceremony is complete and Immortus has transformed…into THE ETERNAL FLAME! A highly intelligent man with centuries of battle experience now in posession of the powers of The Candlemaker!

Is this the end of our beloved team? Tune in later today as I review the 7th and final issue of “Unstoppable Doom Patrol”!


And now…the thrilling conclusion of UNSTOPPABLE DOOM PATROL!

Don’t worry, I’ll refrain from any real spoilers. But it should come as no surprise that the final issue is one final battle against the new Brotherhood of Evil & The Eternal Flame. It’s written well with a fair amount of emotional sentimentality that touches on themes of found family and support regarding certain interactions. Speaking of which, one big surprise comes in the form of the DP reaching a hand out to one of their strongest enemies - The Quiz! They help claim a win against The Eternal Flame, but the issue ends with them leaving for the time being. But the expectation seems to be they will come back and actually join the DP officially. And I really hope that happens. Side note - the scene of how they were able to find time to talk to them does make it feel like a callback to a similar scene from Gerard Way’s run.

Even in a big battle issue like this, this book reminds me how good it is at respecting the characters and the long history of the team. This is most evident
in the proper reemergence of Jane and even having a moment to briefly unite with Cliff before having to escape Peacemaker and his goons.

I also want to take a moment to tip my hat to the sudden and brief origin explanation of The Candlemaker. Wasn’t expecting that, but connecting to the real-life figure Oppenheimer I was smart in my opinion.

Screenshot 2023-11-21 5.32.23 PM

I’m confident that the Doom Patrol will return (as they SHOULD) but the little epilogue does raise a mix of good and bad feelings. To sum them up without spoiling anything - intrigue, confusion, shock, and frustration. You’ll understand once you’ve read it.

I’ll probably do a proper review of this mini-series down the road. But I truly enjoyed and loved every issue of Unstoppable Doom Patrol. And I’m impatiently waiting for their return and more adventures.


If not with Rita, maybe a Laura DeMille spinoff series? Michelle Gomez has talent and personality to spare!


That would be a cool idea