Doom Patrol Club: Doom Patrol Comics (1987-): Issues #62-67 (May 1st-31st)

The Chief has been decapitated, but his nanomachines continue his twisted mission…and the surviving Doom Patrol members must prevent them from spreading catastrophe throughout the world.

Hello Doomsters! And welcome to another strange month of DPC! this month is gonna be the strangest yet becuase not only do we have some awesome reads this month but might have another surprise read of some certain Doom Patrol reads as well! stay tuned!

Here’s the link to the Awesome Doom Patrol Reads—>Doom Patrol Comics: Issues #62-67

And as always love to hear what your favorite memories and moments are! And…Let’s Discuss! :dp_robotman:


Just read 62, and all I can say is that starts off full Morrison weirdness and somehow morphs into a really sweet story. The Danny the Street portion is just beautifully done. One issue of Morrison to go.

I’m sure the plant on Chief’s head means something


Yea, it probably does and awesome! :dp_robotman:


The final issue of Morrison’s run is just beautifully done. A perfect comic. It reminds me to the British tv show Life on Mars (awesome show) in which a modern police detective goes back to early 70s, and at first you’re not sure if it’s real or in his head, but by the end you realize that it doesn’t matter.

For those slow (like me) Morrison explains the meaning of all the impossible non-biological heads, and other insanity of the series

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