Doom Patrol Club: Doom Patrol Comics (1987-): Issues #57-61 (April 1st-30th)

Cliff is paralyzed and the Chief finally reveals the true history of the Doom Patrol!

Hello Doomsters! It’s April and spring is in the air! and of course that means new doom patrol reads! it looks like Chief has been walking this whole time and the team didn’t know! Also many more weird adventures in store for the team and more! If this your first time reading the comics, welcome! and happy to have you here and hope you come back for more :slight_smile: !

Here’s the link to get you started—>Doom Patrol Comics: Issues #57-61

And…Let’s Discuss! :dp_robotman:


Hi @ProActress! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Now time to get with the reading.

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Just finished all the issues and what great edge of your seat trip down memory lane! Morrison’s Doom Patrol run never ceases to amaze.

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Hey xL! And that’s good to hear! Would say that is the best run :dp_robotman: