[Doom Patrol Club] Doom Patrol Comics (1964-): Issues #116-121(April 6-April 12) (Week 9)

“TWO TO GET READY…AND THREE TO DIE!” The reformed Madame Rouge joins the Doom Patrol’s struggle against the Mutant Trio, as do Mento and Beast Boy. Splitting up, Robotman and Elasti-Girl confront the mutants, only to be threatened by an even greater alien menace, the “Galactic Gladiator!”

:robot:Welcome Doomsters to another strange week of DPC! This week we’ll be delving into the adventures of the group as they battle Galactic Gladiator and more!

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Didn’t know they were in there, thanks @msgtv


Just saw it in an announcement today. They do come out bigger if they’re on a line by themselves


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So, with this final batch of the original Doom Patrol stories, we could talk about Madame Rouge’s presence disrupting the DP. Here it is in a really contrived “oh, those ladies and their lady stuff” kind of way.

We could talk about beast boy, part green animal, all green animal, nobody knows.

Or this

But, in the end it is all about the end. Still confused emotionally, Rouge doesn’t want the chief to die, but given a choice between themselves or fourteen strangers the Patrol only has one decision to make. For all the series goofiness, this is still a powerful statement.

I normally do not like comic creators putting themselves in the story. But, here because it felt like a heartfelt plea from people who love these characters instead of cheap gimmick, I liked it.


definitively agree, feels like with these early adventures of the group they went through a lot to get here and it’s awesome. Thanks for the thoughts on this :slight_smile:


Yeah, these were some really great issues. This run has quickly become my favorite Silver Age era of stories, with a lot of crazy elements, but still having some interesting human character within it.

If there’s one thing that bothered me, it was Madame Rogue’s heel turn at the end. I was really liking the idea of having a reformed villain on the team, and in the end, her involvement in the Doom Patrol’s demise felt rather superfluous.

Still, sad to see it go, but looking forward to getting into the next big run of the World’s Strangest Heroes.

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Yeah, definitely agree with you there. The next run is wild!

Agree on all. You have to think Rogue’s turn was dictated more about trying to wrap up the series than a natural progression that would have happened had it went on.

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