[Doom Patrol Club] Doom Patrol Comics (1964-): Issues #110-115(March 30-April 5) (Week 8)

“TRIAL BY TERROR.” Believing the Doom Patrol to be no more, the Brotherhood of Evil set into motion the final stage of their master plan, beginning with an attack on Chief at Doom Patrol headquarters!

:robot:Welcome Doomsters to another strange week of DPC! This week we’ll be delving into the dastardly plans of the Brotherhood of Evil and more! It’s gonna be a good one for sure :wink:

:robot: Here’s the link to start reading-> Doom Patrol Comics #110-115

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As always love to hear your thoughts on these and many more! and…Let’s Discuss! :robot:

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Dastardly plans are the worst kind of plans


Oh man that’s a cool villain! I hope it’s not just the Brain again! I have room in my heart for multiple evil brains in pans.

One thing that occurred to me, which everyone else probably figured out immediately, is that BB wears a full purple mask to conceal his green skin, PLUS an eye mask - to not just look like a purple kid, but a purple kid hiding his purple identity! That’s unusual attention to detail in the Silver Age, especially in a universe where glasses are acceptable disguises.


But the green boy face on animals running amok, that’s not a clue to anybody.


Yeah and dastardly is definitely the worse kind of plans :slight_smile:


So @biff_pow’s green face/purple mask comment turns out to be the lynchpin of the entire issue of #110! I admit, I few issues back I had thought the series had taken a slight downturn and had lost its edge. But, it’s come back strong including #110. I had no idea that this Silver Age series was going to be so fun and engaging. The fact that they keep squaring off against the Brotherhood of Evil could have been a weakness, but instead its a strength as every crazy plot seems to tie together.
Of course that’s the Brain. But now he has face envy. Had to build himself a face. And he was a real jerk to Monsieur Mallah. Poor, Mallah.

Rouge is not having it with Larry’s advances.

I thought the entire courtroom drama was great. But two Beast Boys was a riot. The fact that you know it’s Rita hamming it up in a Beast Boy costume made this hilarious for me.

See, even this big idjit figured out the whole green boy face on an animal thing.


Right? Was able to figure it out too. Thanks for the thoughts on this @msgtv :slight_smile:


Finished this week’s Doom reading. Again, it’s all about the subplots for me. The individual adventures are fine and fun, but they wouldn’t keep me coming back to these stories. So now that Gar has been rescued from his guardian, the biggest subplot is Madame Rouge. Chief’s a little creeper here spying on Rouge as she sleeps, but his hearts in the right place?

I mean, he’s only brainwashing, or unbrainwashing her.

The ending of this subplot blew my mind. This was some Grant Morrison level stuff. Now to see what happens that Rouge’s change is discovered by the Brain.

Also, retcon alert. It’s a flashback and animal Gar is all green. Which just looks better.

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:astonished:, Yeah with Chief sometimes it’s the best of intentions but that was not it. Thanks for the thoughts on this @msgtv :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the Madame Rouge subplot was pretty interesting, especially with how it resolved. Looking forward to seeing where this goes.

That isn’t to say that the main plots are bad. At the very least they’re fun challenges with unique looks or ideas.

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yeah, definitely agree with you there @Jay_Kay :robotman_dp:

Another thing: about the Beast Boy origin back-ups…did comic book writers in the 60s just…never heard children speak? I noticed this when I’ve read Legion in this era too, but I swear it’s like they think they all talk just like Bizarro. I can kind of understand it with infants, since they’re still learning how to talk, but…Gar is about six here, he can say “I am,” not “me am.”

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Yea, I’m not sure on that one. I think when at the time when it was done ppl had different things back then or some never had kids?