Doom Patrol 2004/Shazam! 2011

Honestly, when are they gonna add these!? I mean COME ON! These are the best series for both of these characters! Please release!

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They technically did add the 2011 new 52 Shazam series, but in a weird way. Just recently they added the Justice League comics that the Shazam story appeared in as a backup so you have to skip to the end if you want to just read that. They also oddly left out one or two issues in the middle where Billy gets his powers but the majority was add for the Shazam movie. Why they did this and not just make it one big comic like how you can buy I don’t know but its is technically here. Hope this helped

Just answered my own question as to why they didn’t just release it all together by looking at there q&a comic section:
Will you have graphic novels and other collected publications? Or just single issues? Or both?

We will be featuring strictly DC single issues that are available digitally. What this doesn’t include are collected editions like trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and other published collected editions.