Donna Troy

I love the actress! She plays the role so well, just like Hawk, Dove and Dick Grayson she’s a perfect cast. Everyone else is an okay cast with Starfire being the worse, sorry.


She’s alright, can’t say anything bad about her.

I think the top 3 are


The others are just okay. Not bad :slight_smile:

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Why is starfire the worst one is it because she is of color?

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See this is the beauty of a show, differing opinions. I personally don’t like the look of Starfire but the acting of Anna Diop was one of the biggest reasons I continued with season 1. She played the heck out of a role that others would have faltered doing. I also agree that Conor Leslie is a perfect Donna. Donna is one of my all-time favorite characters in the DC Universe and don’t think they could have casted her any better than they did.

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The casting on this show is, for most part, pretty good. Conor Leslie has been ideal as Donna Troy. Anna Diop was an unexpected choice for Starfire, but I feel like she does well in the role.