Donna Troy

Will she suit up in Season 2?

Sure hope so. I’d like to see her red outfit/black boots look.

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That would be awesome. I actually expected her in season 2 after Cassandra Sandsmark appeared due to all the other twists with character origins involved in it. I would love it for sure tho.

I’d love that. Also get Dick as Nightwing (which we all know is coming), Superboy and maybe Roy or Wally in addition to the current lineup. That would be a pretty awesome team!

We got her. Hope it’s been long enough to say that w/o applying spoiler tag. Good call tho I was hoping but really wasn’t sure if we’d see her.

If Leslie Conor is willing to return as a cast member, I really hope so. :slightly_smiling_face: If I got her name wrong I apologize.