Donna Troy

Come on, a small metal tower with current running through it killed Wonder Girl? Sorry it just bothers me. I mean have her get shot by cadmus snipers trying to eliminate Conner and Donna jumps in to save him. Which would run in symetry with Garth’s death earlier in the season. I mean if you have to kill her. It just bothers me.


This piss me off so much, on so many levels, and WTF WAS CONNOR??? WHY COULDN’T HE CATCH THE TOWER? Holy ■■■■. In the comics she has had fkn whole limbs cut off that grew back when she battled WonderWoman and now shes dead because she grabbed some thunder? i call total BS. She better return with raven… and Lastly! if she had all her powers from the comics she should have easily killed slade, Single Handedly. #Weak


Eh, they left the door for her to return, so I’m not too upset. Donna is my favorite character on the show, and the fate that befell her was quite underwhelming, but until Conor Leslie definitively says that she isn’t returning for Season 3, I’m taking this finale as a “comic book death” and nothing more.

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There has been zero indication that Conor Leslie is leaving Titans, so her death is a purely narrative decision that will likely be undone at some point during Season 3.


There is also zero indication that Conor Leslie is returning.

Well, except for the blatant setup for a “Raven resurrects Wonder Girl” storyline in Season 3…

Which could very well turn out to be simply a loose end that the show will forget. The writers excel in that and in plot holes.

They had the best opportunity to make red hood in my opinion the government or whatever the hell they are called could’ve grabbed Tim and brainwashed him and made him into red hood and they did Donna dirty

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