Done-In-One Review

Action Comics #252 (May 1959). Does anyone realize this mark 60 years of Supergirl? This is the first” canon” story and it isn’t even the lead—despite the cover! She’s the third and last story in the issue, but don’t let that deter you. This short 8-page Silver Age classic is a must-read for anyone into the whole Superman mythos. A bit of trivia: her original name was Linda Lee, in the tradition of the “LL’s” in Superman’s world. Rounding out the issue is the ONLY appearance of this version of the villain Metallo. Rounding out the issue is a Congorilla story! Conga-what? Check it out! If you are a newer DC Reader, you should like the time to check out this iconic comic.


Great review! I love it; short and to the point!


Too, too long ago, I very, very briefly started a “Done-in-One” thread. I’d forgotten about it- ugh! So I decided to bring it back and see what happens…

1st Appearance of Dazzler! Could this be the 1st DC/Marvel cross-over !?! In other news, Hal finally decides to propose to Carol. Too Late! She’s already booked a wedding with Jason Belmore. As a result, Hal quits Ferris Aircraft and lease Coast City. GL 49- Dec 66

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I recently covered DC Comics Presents 62 for my ‘done in one’ theme. 488541.SX312_QL80_TTD

Here’s the link to that episode!