Donald Glover should play Mr. Terrific.

Like I said: Donald Glover should play Michael Holt in a live action format.

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No thanks. Doesn’t really fit the role.


I see Mr Terrific as bigger and older, but maybe he could take it and make it his own like RDJ did with Iron Man. He’s popular enough to appeal to audiences unfamiliar with the character.


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Not too into Donald Glover, but I could see Michael Jai White as Mr. Terrific.

We already had a Mr Terrific who looked and moved nothing like an Olympic level decathlete. So much so, I was shocked when they mentioned it figuring they were just going to ignore that bit of history. Get someone who can look and act the part.

Denzell Washington

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Denzel is 85 years old! (Exaggeration) why do folks want Him or Tom Cruise, Bruce Campbell or Nathan Fillion for superhero roles. All cool in their own right, it gotta go younger


Denzel would have been perfect when he was younger, though. Boy I’d like to see that.


Cool Grandpa Terrific

@biff_pow Agreed.

@msgtv Bruce Campbell is the Nerd God. He needs another DC credit on his resume.

Vroom, I’m cool with a DC role but if you ask who should play Impulse someone will say Campbell.

@msgtv Heh, that’s true.

Fun Fact: Bruce Campbell guest starred on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Info on his character:,_Jr.