Donald Faison on Legends of Tomorrow

The description points to booster gold

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Who? On a related note they should use Green Lantern.

You don’t know who Booster gold is or donald faison?


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This is awesome but how can he be Rip’s father?

Time travel

Not that, Rip is white, Faison isn’t.

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After Crisis who knows if rip hunter’s white

Considering that Gideon’s memories of Rip, which were shown post-Crisis, showed him looking exactly the same, I think it’s safe to say that Crisis didn’t change Rip’s race. But maybe Crisis could change things so that Booster is Rip’s son this time around. Or maybe their relationship will be something completely different here, if they even have one at all. Or maybe Faison’s playing someone completely different, though I do agree that the character description sounds very much like Booster. Whatever the case, we’ll just have to wait about another month for definitive answers

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