Don’t Skip Doom Patrol Season One Recap

Spoiler free here but be warned don’t skip the Recap on Doom Patrol, you’ll thank me.


Thank you =)

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Oh yeah I particularly enjoyed how different this show’s recap is from other shows. :smiley:

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I normally try to save myself those 30 seconds but I’ll never do it on Doom after watching this week

The recap surprised me, I dig it and hope it different like this each week

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I’m bumping my own post as my good deed for the day. It was that or help a little old lady across the street. She should probably learn to be happy where she is anyway.

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That’s okay. Gertrude saw the bus, but well…y’know.

Darwinism at its best

Saw the recap,new to DP,what’s the spoiler?

Didn’t want to give away the voice over, not a huge spoiler but…