Doesn't WB have the filming tech?

I really think that if wb is such a powerful company, they might be a to shooting s.3 og titans.
I mean With really good CGI,Animtronics,and practial effects. plus if you find the perfect places to shoot, thell make the show by 2021

who agrees

It is hard to say. I mean the problem now is that WB is losing money every week with mostly everything shut down (HBO MAX is up but even if the reports of it doing bad are false, and they might be, HBO MAX was not intended to make a profit out of the gate when it was conceived and that was before things went to hell). They don’t know what they can do.

Canada has to approve to film, then they have to set up guidelines. I mean the guidelines could very well say everyone can’t get closer than six feet apart? So what do fight scenes look like then, does Nightwing now only throw shooting stars.

What if they can’t get cleared for another year and Rachel’s actress who is just a teen herself hits a growth spurt… now they got to scrap the scripts and set it 2 years later to account for her clearly being older.

Most new guidelines are predicted to be the set people come in by themselves, then the lighting people after, etc. That prolonges the shoots which cost more money. So can they now afford to have Gar’s tiger look as good as it did before, or did that budget go to paying the crew for 3 extra days since they had to rotate in and out? And if so then what do they do with him, since he can’t fight with his fist and stay six feet away?

And if they do on location shots they have less control of the situation, what if word leaks out of filming location and people not caring about getting sick flood the set?

Not trying to be negative, I really am not. But that is the problem, people want to hear things are filming, or when they are filming, or when and if they will premiere on here. But no one making the show knows the answer to those questions. So how can they know?

I think this is like Stranger Things s.4 those kids are in there late teens and 20’s
when they want them to be 16