Does Warner Bros Make Money From Video Games?

From pumping out games every couple years, to now a couple years less than a decade, I think WB needs to reevaluate their gaming program. Not including NetherRealm Studios

Why is Warner Bros unable to commit to a game and cancel so many projects?

Why do games need to be in development for so many years if the graphics aren’t better than Knight’s?

How do they go from making commercially successful games like Arkham and Injustice to flops like Gotham Knights and probably soon SSKJL?

I have hope for Wonder Woman :00_wonder_woman_stars: though, I cross my fingers wishing that will be a great game because WB needs a banger and I’m dying for a new fantastic DC game.

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Video games are expensive and high risk high reward. The basic financial model is a few failures is worth the occasional huge payday. That is also why they rely on sequels so much. Have to milk the successful ones.


And why a succesful live service game such as SSKJL would be a dream come true for them but it’s not what I want or many others. There is a lot more pushback now than years ago against this anti-consumer practice.

Wonder Woman is years off though so hopefully they drop the shop if that was planned and stick to something more like Arkham.