Does this mean that they were writing the comics for kids or all ages?

This is a promo that editor Lloyd Jaquet wrote when Major Malcolm Wheeler Nicholson, founder of National Allied Publications which would be later known as DC comics introduced the first comic book with all original content called " New Fun". It says in the form " youngsters 2 to 90". Does this mean that they were writing the comics for kids or all ages. Im confused because he’s describing his audience as youngsters but says ages 2 to 90 which would basically mean all ages?


I think that phrase is meant to convey the idea that the comics are for all ages but specifically for those who are “young at heart.” If you’re 80 but not too stuffy to enjoy a wacky story about someone in blue tights beating up villains (or, rather, for that particular comic, stories about cowboys and secret agents and such), then the comic is for you.

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@Ocasta This was 3 years before Superman was initially introduced

Yeah, I realized that afterward and edited my response. I think the idea is still the same, though. Even if the stories were about cowboys and secret agents rather than costumed superheroes, they would still be considered “light reading” (comparable to pulp fiction at the time, at best), and while not exclusively for kids, still primarily targeted toward a younger audience.

So I think the publisher is just acknowledging that of course you’re not going to find high-brow literature in the pages of New Fun, but if you’re a “youngster” at heart you’ll enjoy seeing cowboy Jack Wood beat up some cattle rustlers, or playboy adventurer Barry O’Neill foil the plot of the dreaded Fang Gow.

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