Does The New Teen Titans (1984) Ever get Bad?

Just discovering it now and am blown away! Wondering if future series (post Infinite Crisis) stop the run of awesomeness.

Outside of these issues (#1-12) what other series runs are recommended?


Yikes! I meant the 1980 offerings!!!

The 1984 volume of the New Teen Titans (i.e., the direct market series printed on Baxter paper) goes through a big slump after the “Terror of Trigon” story (issues #1-5) and the subsequent issues drawn by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (the issues revolving around Lilith and Kole). The long Brother Blood saga, which ran approximately through issues #24-31 and 1986 #2 Annual, is considered a low point for the series.

If you want good stories though, I suggest reading issues #19-21. These issues reveal Speedy’s relationship with Chesire… and feature fantastic George Perez covers. The cover for issue #20 is one of my all time favorite Titans covers.

After that, just jump ahead to issue #71, which begins the great “Titans Hunt” story. This story is exciting and put the Titans back on track. The “Titans Hunt” ran for about a year, officially ending with issue #84, but the next couple of issues continued to tie-up loose ends.

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On here The Titans 1999-2003 ongoing series I think it’s great. Idk how far it goes I’m re-reading on here & I’m on issue #22. I can check tho.

It goes to #25 so exactly half of the complete 50 issue.