Does Superman really have Super Speed?

Does superman really have super speed or is his speed the result of him having enough strength to propel his body that fast combined with his ability to process things in less than milliseconds as well as the tactile telekinesis that aids in flight and keeping large objects intact while he moves them.

I wouldn’t say Superman’s a speedster, but what’s your definition of superspeed? I mean he’s really fast, some would say, super fast, so? Yes? But not in the same way that Flash or like Impulse have superspeed

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That’s exactly what I mean, that he’s fast because he has the strength to propel his body that fast and he has the brain power to process those lightning fast movements. My brother was arguing that Superman’s speed is a result of 'the power of superspeed" and my argument was that he’s just fast with the brain power to process it.

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