Does Nightwing/Dick Grayson Have A Contingency Plans?

Simple question, Does Dick Grayson have contingency plans for other heroes?

We know Tim Drake does, Jason Todd does and Damien Wayne does. So it would be kinda weird that Dick would be the only main Robin who doesn’t. Especially sense Dick saw stuff like the betrayal of Terra, Jason Todd when he was a villain, training with Batman etc.

I mean there are small clues in my mind that suggest that Dick has contingency plans, some examples:
•Dick has kryptonite (but it could be that Bruce gave him it)
•Red X had plans for The Teen Titans. You could say that Red at it’s Dick. We see future Robin becomes Nighting

Dick isn’t as paranoid as the other Robins, to be fair.

Like @AlexanderKnox said he’s not as paranoid but that doesn’t mean to say it hasn’t crossed his mind or that he doesn’t have an idea on how he would. It just likely isn’t as thought out as Batman’s cuz DC lives on this mountain where they have to connect his circus routes with his carefree recklessness, running in head first without a plan and making one up as he goes.
But the truth is that couldn’t be farther from how a circus works. Especially the trapeze act. Everything down to the last second is planned. When you’re however many feet in the air with no net there is absolutely no room for mistakes. So everything had to be well thought out and usually uses simple maneuvers that they all know. If anything Batman is the one that would’ve taught him improv and made him less predictable. And because of the way trapeze acts are planned out Dick would likely examine the room/building, find his vantage points and plan out how and when to use his moves to best get the result he wants.
So ig what I’m saying here is he totally should.

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