Does Legends of Tomorrow remind anyone of Giffen Justice League

I am a huge fan of Legends of Tomorrow. The best of the DC CW shows, and possibly the best DC TV series on the air right now, if not ever. Shame it doesn’t get better ratings, people are missing out.

But what I wanted to address, is am I the only one who finds the series reminiscent of the old Keith Giffen era JL/JLI/JLA. Now the stories and cast are totally different obviously, but like those comics it has a high emphasis on character development, some laugh out loud humor, but can also be somber and series when it needs to be, balancing it out in the same way that made those comics great.

Anyone else see that, or is it just me?


I see it as a mix of that and the whacky DeMatteis JL run too.

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Very much so.

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I haven’t read the Giffen / DeMatteis JL runs, so I can’t compare. However, I agree that it’s currently the best of the CW DC shows. I liked season 2 so much I bought the DVD when it was on Amazon.

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Legends of Tomorrow reminds me of CBS’s Justice League

This is my favorite show. I love movies and shows with a “family” of people who shouldn’t belong together but they cannot be apart. They know they are silly and embrace it. This show has probably seen the most character growth of the Arrowverse shows. Seeing Rory come into his own as gruff but sensitive, the bromance between Nate and Ray, the addition of Constantine this season for additional humor. I also agree with the somber ness of it such as what happened to Stein during the Crisis crossover ( I still bawl like a baby) or Rip’s singular focus in the first season with his family tragedy.
Your mention of the similarities to Justice League make me wonder what would it be like with Guy Gardner or Booster Gold on the show even in cameo?