Does DCU support black lives?

In response to @Nathan.Payson awesome post, I ask DCU if they support black lives and what they’re doing along with DC to support us and fight injustice.

If a community of heroes can’t agree that black lives matter, are they heroes? If you were your favorite hero what would you be doing right now? I want to look at the superheroes I love and believe they would fight for me. I want to see the community I love fight for me.

I formally call moderators and DCU to unapologetically support BLM and to start open discussions about race in comics. I call on the moderators to use their voice for positive change, and denounce the senseless violence police propagate at protests.

I don’t know where the connection between DCU and DC Comics ends, but everyone needs to see that a few tweets and black hearts isn’t enough.


I want to say two things here.

  1. DCU has been doing a lot of beind the scenes stuff. For more details look at Applejack’s office hours statements.
  2. I hope DC comics is reading the discussions on diversity we are having, because representation matters. #diversifyDC

@joeythestreet, I deeply appreciate your position on this matter, but there are two things to note:

  1. The DC Universe Community is not where a formal statement like this would be issued. We are a sub-section of a product of Warner Media, which resides within a larger corporation.
  2. Across the company, we are taking this very seriously. You can read more about what this means to us here.

In the meantime, I ask that you respect our set guidelines for petitioning within the forums. We are here to have a civil and progressive discussion to inspire each other to make meaningful change in our communities.

The forums are not an access point to the highest levels of leadership, which is the largest element to consider when directing your voice to the forums. We are an access point to the developers who design the product, the content managers who feature content on the service, and the lower level coordinators at publishing who provide us with that content.

I assure you the conversations I am exposed to in the organization reflect large, important choices across the company that will be meaningfully executed.