Does Commissioner Gordon really KNOW Barbara is Batgirl?

Can anyone clear up some confusion?

The end of “Batman: Three Jokers” seems that alludes to the idea that Commissioner Gordon is aware of his daughter’s work as Batgirl yet in the final issues of “Batgirl” it seems he doesn’t.

I also am aware that after the “Future State” event, continuity is going to be a little more relaxed but glaring contradictions such as this make my head ache.

Anyone out there have any useful answers that can hopefully clear up this contradiction?

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I look at Gordon knowing who Batgirl is the same way as Gordon knowing who Batman is – he probably does, but can’t really say anything about it.


I believe Three Jokers’ place in canon is kind of up in the air. However, that comment can also be taken multiple ways, such as Jim knows, it was said with sarcastic snark, or Barbara just said it to herself. Personally, I like the idea that he knows, but goes with plausible deniability.

As for the end of the Batgirl series, I believe the writer tweeted that the series was heading toward something that is no longer happening, so won’t fit with other stories. The message came out back when the end of the series was announced. I basically took this as confirmation that it isn’t canon, which is great for me because I pretty much hated issue 50 aside from Babs playing D&D, lol. Also, there are quite a few inconsistencies and disconnects from other ongoing series, so the ‘non-canon’ seems to make sense… (Hopefully! )


He was totally busy with his work on crimes focusing around Batman that he knew she had something to do with Batman, like on the DLC of Batman: Arkham Knight (years before she was Oracle), he still never knew that his daughter was Batgirl, who was almost injured by Joker and Harley Quinn.