Does Batman need a live action TV Show? (Bat-woman spoilers)

So, After watching the first three episodes of CW’s Bat-woman I don’t hate it, I actually really enjoy it. The Acting isn’t the best but I mean it’s a superhero show they are not trying to earn any Emmy’s.

Kate’s story line is a bit choppy in the show and the reveal (like really early reveal) that Alice is Kate’s long thought dead sister!! WHAT!?!?

Also the Bat-cave just being right under Wayne Tower isn’t that Far-fetched but It seems so small compared to what we are accustomed to and that makes sense since i’m sure the budget isn’t breaking the bank on this one for CW.

Tommy’s story line in the 3rd Episode was kind of rushed… Would love to see that story play out but I didn’t hate how they handled him… I get it different universe so it’s a different take on these characters so I am chalking it up to that.

I like the idea of the Crows and Kate writing her down her story in Bruce’s journal

The NEW Bat-suit was worth the wait but the fact they paint it and put it together while all those folks were waiting … Hanging in the elevators.

Overall I enjoy the show… I’d like to hear other thoughts.

Which brings me to my original question:

Does the Dark Knight need a live action TV show or not? I am not very confident CW could do it well however I would love to see the DC Universe team take up the challenge because everything so far (Original content) has been outstanding!

Id love a big budget Batman show on DCU. Including the whole family. Maybe to the Court of Owls story line!!!

I would like to see a Batman and Robin show set a decade before Titans, with the young Dick Grayson from season 1. This would be a great way to flesh out the Bruce/Dick relationship and lead into Titans season 1