Does Barry Allen even understand the concept of a secret identity?

Is it me or does the Flash suck at secret identities? In the early seasons, he would often be without a mask on when a new character would just walk into Star Labs. Other times the team would call him Barry especially when in public and in danger. The latest season has been no better as he has yelled out Nora’s name too. Might as well join arrow and tell everyone. He is almost there anyways.


Agreed and is a big issue I have with the show and CW Arrowverse shows in general

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I think it’s part of his character. Especially since his life seems to be more akin to actual reality. It takes him awhile to warm up and fully embrace what it means to be a superhero.

To me, it only makes sense that he’d be so lax about his secret identity, compared to other superheros.

He’s not super serious like others. I kinda like it!


Obviously, secret identities are not sacred in the Arrowverse. Here is a good question: How many members of the DEO know that Superman is Clark Kent?