Does anyone think that DCU could ever do original movies

Now by original movies I don’t mean anything on the level of Aquaman. But with so many characters and stories in DC: Universe I would think in theory (maybe in a year when their expanded library hopefully brings in even more subscribers) that they could make a modestly budgeted DC movie. Maybe one based on a street level vigilante or the like that would not be so taxing with special effects.


I’d love to see original movies here! Be they live action or animated, DCU is the perfect place for characters that for one reason or another may not have the chops for a larger scale release but could clean up quite well on a DTV level (of course, I think every character has the potential for huge release movies and the like, but I’m biased). Some Wildstorm and Vertigo animated movies would be the bee’s knees too.

Hopefully we’ll get things like that at some point.

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I would very much like to see some of the Elseworld one shot stories made into live action movies here on the DCU, after they’ve been on the service for awhile they could put them on the direct to video market, and then Netflix International.

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Ooh, that’s a really cool idea, @DanTheManOne1! I promise I’ll make them aware of your interest :wink:


Then focus on characters not seen elsewhere that you can do with a limited budget. I’d nominate The Question.

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Would love to see a real Batman Beyond movie.

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Warner Bros. owns all the rights to all DC characters in the movies so any movie projects would go to Warner Bros.

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I’d love to see an original, live-action Constantine movie here (with Matt Ryan please).


Jonah Hex all the way

I’ve thought about that too… I mean Netflix does it… it’s not a bad idea, but should that ever happen, I would hope they’d expanded their network of streaming devices by then… I’d love to steam something like that on my Xbox :blush:

I would think if they ever did this it would be 2020 at the earliest. They pretty much have laid out their original content for the rest of the year already, sure could get some surprise original content like the Young Justice original comics or the Aquaman documentary (hopefully anything like that will stay up longer) but don’t think that they would kick out a movie within the year. And I would hope DCU will be on video game systems by then, would seem they are missing a huge source of revenue not having it. A lot are more interested in the movies and shows then the comics, and on a phone or even a computer is not that appealing if that is what you came for. If you don’t have a streaming device I am sure those fans are waiting for it ti come on video game systems.

A Batman Beyond movie is best suited for a big theatrical release and big home video release. That goes for anything Batman really.

Now an animated movie is different (see Return of the Joker).


I really hope that this app can get enough subscribers to start doing original movies, especially since WB andToby Emmerich seem to be aiming at mediocrity and the lowest common denominator. DCEU is aiming to be the next Transformers, ,“fun” movies that make big money but offer nothing of any substance (see: Aquaman). I want epic, not “mindless fun, cause comics are s’pposed to be silly”. Yeah? Tell that to Alan Moore, Tom King, Frank Miller, Marv Wolfman, Jim Aparo, and Neil Gaiman. Heck, tell it to Stan Lee who led an entire Marvel campaign with “a comic book company that wont insult your intelligence”.

Some suggestions for DCU movies: Powergirl, Ragman, The Spectre, the Question, Wildcat, Black Canary, Huntress, Gangbuster, Blood Syndicate, Icon, Static, Stormwatch, Gen 13, Youngblood, Grifter, Team 7, Deathblow, and Fire & Ice,…Tim Drake era Robin?