Does Anyone Still Play DC Legends?

I had DC Legends on my phone back around the time Wonder Woman and Justice League were coming out at the movies, but eventually stopped playing and don’t have it installed now. Does anyone here still play it?


I still play. This months new characters are Captain Atom and Booster Gold

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Wait, they added Captain Atom?!

BRB, gotta play DC Legends.

It become a bit of an addiction.

Still trying to figure out how the time to recharge to your next character move is calculatedis it based on the hero level or hero ranking?

It’s based on character speed. It used to be Reverse Flash goes first. After the reworks, Flash (at the same level) would be faster.

Thanks. Very useful information

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I play every day! I’ve been waiting since 2016. for The Question. Any month now.


I still play. Booster is surprisingly powerful.

Also Strike force. which is getting the Fantastic Four. And Namor!

Oh boy do I. Been playing the heck out of lately. Started playing it around the time it launched and played it on and off since. The Flash is my most powerful character. Finally got him to Legendary 5 star a few weeks ago. Just got my friend into it as well. Really love the game. Very fun in my opinion. And it’s actually very free to play friendly. Which I really like. Super easy to build your resources back up too.

So far one of my strongest team comps is Wonder Woman: PoT (Princess of Themyscira) as lead, The Flash, Powergirl, and Batman: WGD (Worlds Greatest Detective). Which is fun.

Also, for anyone just starting out, focus on building up Hal Jordan Green Lantern. Ever since he got a rework a couple months ago, he is amazingly good. He’s also super easy to farm for fragments. I made the mistake of not focusing on him early on so now I’m working on building him up and he is sooooo goooooood!

I play on occasion. I seem to get turned off by the grind of those games, and leave for extended periods. I like the new feature that allows for you to select which skin you want to use after becoming legendary, but it requires so much more grinding (not gonna pay $50+ on an app game just to use the features I want to). I also find myself returning to Injustice 2 Mobile as well. Great games.

i play and love the raid boss action

I’ve been playing since day one. Kind of became a part of daily schedule to casual play it.