Does anyone remember Black Orchid by Neil Gaiman


Not many people talk or know about this book and it shocks me, this is one of my favorite books by Neil Gaiman and the art by Dave Mckean is some of the best art I have ever seen in a comic
Do you guys know about this?

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I still have the first edition trade I bought many years ago. It rests amidst my many other Gaiman books and comics.

Have you ever read it, and if so, What do you think of it?

I read it and enjoyed it quite a bit. Gaiman’s take on the Orchid character, and the other flora based characters, was interesting. Of course Mckean’s art was beautiful.

Terrific series. Gaiman and McKean’s depiction of Poison Ivy was chilling.

I tried it when it was on CU and I don’t know, for some reason I couldn’t get into it. I’ll have to give it another shot one of these days.

I had not heard of this but I am about to order it on Amazon. They have new printings under the Black Lable imprint!

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You will love it, If you like the art of the book, check out Arkham Asylum by Grant Morrison or Mr. Punch by Neil

Agreed, I also like the depiction of Swamp Thing. I wish he did more art of him

Personally, I found McKean’s art off putting as a kid. I’ll have to reread it as an adult. I remember thinking the character’s reinvention was pretty awesome. I wish they would’ve developed it some more.


I liked it. I got them a couple years ago at a local Half Price Books. I got all 3 for about $6.