Does anyone know where I can find the third issue of the new Shazam! 2019 series?

I looked on Amazon and I looked at 1 comic book store, that’s all I got.

Oh yeah, it’s supposed to be called “King Kid and the secret of Shazam,” but I still can’t find it.

It’s available digitally on Amazon/comixology/readdc.

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Do you want a physical copy has them for sale
For sale price

If you ask at your local store they might be able to order you a copy, if hard-copy is what you seek.

It’s available on Amazon RIGHT NOW! Only 7 copies left though

Ebay has some sellers that don’t mark up their prices too much. I kno#3 just came out tho so you might not get a great deal. Btw love this issue! Usually if 6 mouths or so have passed you can find really good deals like 2 bucks each on a bundle.

I didn’t know this comic was in much demand The movie must be causing it

I have been buying it It’s a fun comic

If you live in an area with more than one comic book store I suggest checking out some of the others. Different places have different clientele and what sells put before noon on wednesday in one shop may linger on the racks for months at another. This is especially true with a third issue as that tends to be when sales start to drop off.