Does Anyone Know Where I Can Find a List of DC Comics Listed by Publishing Date?

Does anyone know where I can find a list of DC comics listed by publishing date? For example all of the comics published in August of 1976? I don’t think we have the ability to sort comics like that on here. Or if we do please someone tell me how. I’ve been reading comics like that on that other comic book publisher and I wish I could do it over here.

@bloodviolet For stuff like this I usually use the Newstand feature over at Mike’s Amazing World of Comics. You can sort by on sale and cover date. Here’s the link:


I just did a google search for DC Comics August 1976 and the first site listed them all alphabetically and with covers.

Category:1976 | DC Database | Fandom,August(Publication)


Thanks, guys, I had just came back to say I finally found it myself. It must have been the way I phrased it in the search bar, that I didn’t get the results I was looking for at first.


Yeah I love using Mike’s Amazing World!!! @superby1

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