Does anyone know what the first Superman story not written by the creators?

I have been making my way chronologically through early DC, starting of course with Superman, and then syncing up with Batman. I was wondering though what the first issue of Superman was that didn’t have the influence of Siegel and Shuster. Not throwing shade at them or anything but the first about two years so far have been really similar. Does that change with different writers or is it much later in the run?

Also, secondary question, what is the first issue where it’s the universe where it’s the Daily Planet instead of the Daily Star? That’s one of the main delineations between the first two versions right? Where his origin gets bumped up some years?

Anyhoo, figured you cats could help me out. Cheers!


Daily planet (as opposed to daily star) is first mentioned in action comics 23 .

By “2 versions” do you mean the pre-crisis earth 1 vs the earth 2 Superman ?
If so , earth 2 Kal-L is not officially a thing until the 60s in Justice League 73 or so . Technically he’s Superman going back to Action Comics 1, but Dc doesn’t make that clear until that 60s comic .


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In 1943-1946, when Jerry Siegel was drafted for World War II, Don Cameron began filling in for him back at home. Cameron’s first credited issues in Siegel’s three Superman books- ACTION COMICS, SUPERMAN, and WORLD’S FINEST- were ACTION #61, SUPERMAN #27, and FINEST #12.

During his run, Don Cameron created the villain Toyman, and also wrote the first “Superboy” stories about young Clark Kent.


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