does anyone know what’s going on with Earth 2 in current continuity?

I just finished reading the three earth-2 books and I want to know if DC is planning on doing anything with the wonders of earth-2 in the rebirth canon? Maybe post-Doomsday Clock?

I’m worried with the reappearance of the JSA that we won’t be able to see these heroes in the current continuity…

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Earth 2 Society ended with all the surviving heroes around a table, discussing new villains appearing like Captain Cold.

It is a new world unlike the fire pits of the original Earth 2.

There is no World Army.

The world is peaceful, suitable for a comic that is the same.
The heroes have become domesticated, no longer living on a world on the edge of annihilation.

We dont see the best characters any more. Thomas Wayne Jimmy Olson the Queen of Atlantis. They and Zod Superman and Lois Lane Red Tornado ruled the book when Tom Taylor startrd writing on Earth 2 beginning with issue 17.

Power Girl and Huntress are unrecognizeable.

Only Hawkgirl and Green Lantern still seem new and vital.

We have a Hawkgirl on the new Justice League. She will suffice.

And we dont need another Green Lantern.

So the world exists available to any writer who wants to use it.

But with such a calm safe world why would anyone want to?