Does Anyone Know the Status of the Dead Boy Detective TV Show?

I don’t know if anyone knows this. But what is the latest on the Dead Boy Detectives TV Show, the spin-off for Doom Patrol. I assumed with everything going on with DC TV Series that like Red Hood (and countless other shows) that whatever the original plans for it were, the show was going to go down as one of those things we hear about being in production, but never ends up happening.

But I saw someone on Reddit say that it was being filmed, or maybe the pilot was being filmed. I don’t know or don’t know if that was reliable.

I was wondering if anyone has heard the latest, is there a pilot, is the official word it’s a go? Is it like so many others just on it’s way to production limbo for all time?

I am hoping there is some kind of news, even if it probably won’t mean anything is locked in. Because while I am realistic that it won’t be a likely priority but it would be cool if Doom Patrol’s world did continue on.


According to Neil Gaiman, it is still going forward. I will admit, I have wondered about it too.


Well that’s a good sign, of course David Ramsey still inssist that Heroes University (or whatever it is called) is going to happen and given CW… I seriously doubt it. So not sure some don’t say that hoping keeping the word out will change their fortunes. But the fact he says production is still going on can’t be a bad sign. And I remember Zaslav and WBD early on saying they were happy with Doom Patrol… so maybe hope is not lost :slight_smile:

Although from that article it looks like it is different actors than were on Doom Patrol and not the same showrunners. So might be like Titans was with Doom Patrol, and ultimately be in a different cannon. Still, it is better than nothing.


I literally forgot they were still doing this.


The only source talking about it seems to be Ramsey. I mean don’t get me wrong, I am sure at one point there was talks of doing it as part of a new Superman and Lois universe like he said, and not saying I think he is lying the show is still in some form of pre-production.

But let’s be realistic. CW cancelled most of the Arrowverse and save Superman and Lois the last vestiges of the CW Superhero shows are officially over or set to start their final season. And according to the more reliable sources CW is only planning to renew about 3 shows for next season (and despite what some think the CW Superhero shows are not the only shows on CW or the only ones getting good ratings, or hell I don’t think any of them are in the #1 slot for CW anymore). And All American has officially been renewed so seemingly 2 slots left. I doubt Superman and Lois and Gotham Knights are both going to be renewed if either of them are, and by every account CW is cutting way back on scripted original shows and will be relying more on unscripted shows and syndicated scripted shows from other countries.

So while I can buy they have not halted production on the Diggle show while waiting to see CW’s official word. I can’t imagine there is much hope for a Superman and Lois universe anymore, hell Superman and Lois returning is probably 50/50 and that might be generous.

So I think Ramseys is just saying that hoping if he keeps talking it will get enough interest WB won’t ax the whole thing. But well… he is almost surely fighting a losing battle.