Does anyone have any tips for upcoming comic artist like myself.

Please share.

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I’m not an artist but I got one tip. Be creative! Try unique things that people don’t usually do.


Good one ,thanks@redhood


Create a portfolio of your work, attend your local comic conventions, and seek out the artist alley for tips.


Don’t shy away from your own personal style. It’s important to understand human anatomy, but I’d say it’s equally as important to understand how human anatomy workswith your style. As long as it makes sense visually, take risks! If it’s something you’re inclined to, mix medias. And last but not least, practice. Always always practice

Good luck <3


Don’t just focus on figure and anatomy, like so many do. Learn and master gesture, perspective, form, page/panel design, iconography, visual storytelling language, cinematography, fabrics, etc. Draw backgrounds and other mundane things. Learn the highly technical techniques and all the shortcuts. Develop your own approach from intention and not ignorance. Get good at drawing non-human forms of anatomy and patterns. Draw outside of your specific interests as well as inside your interests. Study all kinds of art, not just visual. Learn to love the process and not the product. Practice. Be the best you can be at your craft and let that do the talking. Don’t measure yourself against others. Be respectful of writers, artists, editors, and publishers. Put your work and yourself out there.


HubCity, Star, Bozea-- all magnificently stated. I will only expand by this. Comics are a sequential art. A sequence of illustrations and/or cartoons that tell a story, usually in 1-9 panels, with the most common arrangement being 5. Each panel is the next bit of the story frozen in time. In film terms, you are the cameraman, the costume designer, the set designer, the location scout, and, as far as framing the shot and placement of characters, the director-- all through that thin pencil or brush in your hand. Each moment flows in sequence to show the greater whole-- a story well-told in words and pictures.


Also, buy Understanding Comics, Making Comics, and Reinventing Comics. All three of them are by Scott McCloud. Study them.These create a theory of intention specific to comics.

Read Andrew Loomis. But read all the others too. Always push for more understanding and for more ability.


Never stop learning. Don’t think of yourself as “just a comic book artist” you are an ARTIST. Draw inspiration from all sources, don’t limit yourself. If you feel that you have mastered one media experiment and try others. Offer to donate your time and talent to worthy causes, it is a reward in itself, not everything has to be for pay. Study film making to learn the dynamics of composing camera angles, story pacing and how to make your characters act within the scene.


I struggling myself, I did few sets for upper deck. I have a Facebook page and Instagram. And I’m constantly practicing looking at comics and photos. Sometimes YouTube.