Does Anyone Find This Aspect Of Browsing Issues Frustrating?

I have been meaning to post this since I first subscribed to DC Universe:

So let’s say I am browsing through Action Comics (Original series 1938). I have been scrolling down for a while and I decide to click on Action comics # 102.

I read the synopsis and decide I want to read something else. I can click scroll down and click “See More” and it will take me back to issue #1 again and I have to scroll back down all over again to where I left off

I can click the back arrow and it will do the same thing. Take me back to the top of the page with Action # 1

I wish there was a function similar to Ebay when you click “back to search results” where if brings you back to where you left off so that I can continue to search from issue 102 and move forward.

Also, let’s say I read the issue instead. When I am done, I am given the option to go to the next issue (Which is great feature). But I wish there was a “Go back to search results” option so that I could continue to browse issues from where I left off. But my only option is to either choose the next issue or go back to issue # 1

It’s not a deal breaker, but it would make browsing issues a more pleasant experience.

Has anyone else found this frustrating?

And am I missing a feature that already addresses this?




Hey TJ! Thanks for taking the time to write this out!

There isn’t currently a feature like the one you described, but I can see how that would be frustrating for you. I’ve gone ahead and made a request to the DC Team on your behalf for this.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Holy crap, I betcha you just nailed it for every person on here! Thank you TJR, for puttin this in our eyes, not just in our heads. And thanks to Our pal Al for the timely reply.


Thank you Alec for replying to this. It’s good to know that comments/suggestions like this don’t go ignored.


As a workaround, what I’ve gotten in the habit of doing is right-clicking and selecting ‘Open link in new tab’ when I find the issue I want to read.

That way, you have a fresh tab with the issue you’re reading, but can go back to the old tab where you are still at the same spot on the list.

Edit to say this works on a computer, but not so much using the app on a tablet.


Thanks JKoco17: Will definitely use this, when I am on the computer. :+1:

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Guess What? I was browsing Golden Action Comics and thought about my initial post and I randomly selected issue # 45 and then clicked back. Briefly I was redirected to the top of the page with issue 1, and then next thing I knew, I was back where I left off.

I almost thought it was a fluke, so I scrolled down to issue 89 and the same thing happened.

This is GREAT!

It’s great to see that the powers that be, looked into this.