Does anyone else wonder if Death in the Family was rigged?

Supporting evidence:

  1. Jason Todd. “Tod” is German for death

  2. If he didn’t die, sales would be lower.

And I guess that’s it.

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First the moon landing, and now this!


I remember seeing somewhere – I believe it was a documentary that was attached to the Under the Red Hood animated movie about Death in the Family – that O’Neil would later find out that there were people using some technique to call dozens of times extremely fast for Jason to die, and even then the vote was still as slim margin for his death.


@Jay_Kay And there were some who thought it was Dick Grayson who was going to die, because they advertised it as “Robin” dying and Robin to most people is still Dick Grayson.

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Denny made it pretty clear that they had two storylines ready. He also confirmed that they did have somebody with a robo dialer, that was willing to pay the charge and called a bunch to have Jason die.

So it’s possible more individuals called to have Jason live, but more calls to have him die were received. It was very cutting edge use of technology for its time. If they did the same thing today, they could probably work it out via caller ID that people (or at least a specific number), could only vote once.


“Todd” is a fairly common name, and he was created four years and an origin overhaul before his death.

Having a Robin moves comics in the long run even if the story itself wouldn’t have sold the same.

I do believe the autodial story though, so it was “rigged” in that sense.

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And it was highly publicized in the real world, where non-comics readers laughed over beer at the idea of robin getting wasted and called in for the lulz.

It was a very far cry compared to Death of Superman. DC didn’t expect the worldwide media coverage that got. I think had Jason not died, I’ve always wondered if DC would have killed Superman.

More evidence, in his first appearance Jason is seen walking across the street with no shoes on


Also, if you listen to the Batman 66 theme very slow and backwards it doesn’t even mention Jason!


@msgtv, but if you play the 66 theme backwards, double the speed, translate it to Chinese then to Yiddish then back to English, and drop every fourth syllable, then it says Jason was shot.



hands @msgtv a few Beatles Bucks for his Beatles references

There’s a place o’er on Penny Lane that you can redeem them at.

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Sorry, too busy fixing a hole in my wall to help

Who wrote A Death in the Family? Jim Starlin. Starlin. That’s one letter off from Stalin. And what was the other major story of Starlin’s run, also featuring Jason prominently? Ten Nights of the Beast. The KGBeast. And what identity does Jason take when he comes back? The Red Hood. “Red.”



Starlin needed to kill Jason in order to collect one of the Infinity Gems.

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Batjamag is on to something. Batman was created in 1939, the same year Stalin launched the USSR’s invasion of Poland. Jason Todd’s origin was revamped by Max AlLen Collins who according to Wikipedia describes himself as “left of center” Two coincidences? I think not.


“AlLen?” More like AlLenin. Or Barry Allen, the SCARLET speedster!



@DeSade-acolyte Higher ups have admitted that they just happened to release the Superman’s death issue on a very slow news day. Hence why it got so much coverage,

While the slow news day helped, slow news day or not, it went viral. A slow news day does not account for people holding large group gatherings to mourn the loss. A slow news day, helped get the word out before the Twitter age, but the worldwide response was way larger than they expected.

@BatJamags is channeling his inner Estes Kefauver. :wink: