Does Anyone Else Wish Harley Mentioned Shazam in Injustice 2


After Superman kills shazam, harley stated she had a mental breakdown and she couldn’t function properly for a few days, but after that she never mentions him again. I don’t support pedophile but when ever I played Superman or Black Adam against harley quinn in injustice 2 I always hoped they would say something along lines of

“You didn’t have to kill him supes”
“I killed one life to save millions”
“I was talking about my Shazzy”

Black Adam:
“Billy was nothing but a child”
“He’s was more of man than you’ll ever be”
“But look where he is now”


Those would have been cool.

Yeah, but i still wonder “why weren’t they done?”

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I never like when a characters get killed off and then they’re never mentioned again—like they never existed… so, yes.

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He has been referenced a couple but nothing too impactful

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Makes a death and everything that lead to it feel less significant. Like it was just carnage for shock value. Then my brain shuts down and I lose interest in the story! lol

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I swear i remember one of the characters mentioning Billy Batson but who knows i could be wrong

Maybe they just wanted Harley to have move fun and comedic lines.

Did you drop injustice after Shazam’s death?

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In the game Blue beetle, Batman, and Black Adam did. In the comic I don’t remember.

Maybe but it made the crush on shazam even more pointless.

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Not solely for this one death, no—there’s a lot of them in Injustice! I was repeatedly frustrated w/ the fates of multiple characters I like, so I progressively faded it out :woman_shrugging:t2: And picked it up when I was ready. Gotta mourn sometimes :wink:

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There was this really savage one by blue beetle it was him and Superman Blue Beetle said is there any line you won’t cross and Superman said I don’t kill children and then Blue Beetle said didn’t stop you from killing Shazam’s


I know that, but there was none said by harley Quinn.

to be honest i’m wondering weather black adam knew about shazams death or not.

He did, he was right there when Superman killed him. Heck even in injustice 2 he told Firestorm and Blue beetle “You two are children, just like the deceased Billy Batson” Even firestorm and Blue beetle are 18, I guess they are children when compared to Black Adam.

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I don’t think Harley and Billy had a physical relationship. I think she was playing a role similar to the adults in anime that jokingly act pervy around teen or child characters because they think the shy innocence is cute, they know they won’t actually do anything.