Does anyone else think Brian Tong is acting super creepy??

Every single time I watch DC Daily I’m completely distracted with how creepy Brian Tong is! Constantly trying to move closer or put his arm around Clarke Wolfe and you can CLEARLY see how uncomfortable she is! She keeps like scooching away from him out giving him like sideways glances and dude just doesn’t stop! I mean like wtf, dude…

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Hadn’t noticed that. Is that from today’s episode?

I didn’t notice

I actually did notice, but I don’t think it’s intentional. I think it’s because they need a bigger couch.

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Im pretty sure Brian has been in a relationship for a long time now i dont think he was trying to be creepy

Idk… Just look at Clarke Wolfes face everytime! It’s Every. Single. Episode. There’s something else going on there and I don’t think it’s mutual. Also, being in a relationship doesn’t stop/has nothing to do with someone acting like a weirdo. Just wait and see. Something’s going to happen either publicly or privately. Someone’s going to say something and he’s either going to leave the show for “family reasons” or “scheduling issues” or it’s going to leak to the media. I hope NOT. I really hope I’m wrong. I’ve always liked the dude but it just won’t stop rubbing me the wrong way…

:sweat_smile:…i did notice in one instance, the camera quickly pans to the others…idk, tho

He’s done that with everyone. Watch him in every talk, and he will always have his arm near behind someone’s back.

its your imagination

@timclouser1017 You’re reading into this way to much buddy. It’s more camera angles that made it look that way so we stopped doing it. The couch is HUGE.


^oh shhhhhiitake mushrooms. O_o #awkward


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Cue the John Cena theme! It’s Brian Tong!!!

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I don’t see it.

I noticed too. He would have his arm behind one of the ladies. The camera would cut away and then back and the arm would be pulled back.

18 weeks later, he comes in out of nowhere!

@aphex978 The question had to be answered…BWAHAHA! Thanks for watching and hope you’re all enjoying the content we’re putting out! We’re having a blast doing it!

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